Cardano Founder Unleashes Fury: Biden Administration Is ‘Destroying’ Crypto

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The landscape of the United States’ cryptocurrency industry is embroiled in a fierce showdown between the Biden administration and industry stakeholders, with far-reaching implications for both the sector’s future and the nation’s political dynamics. Hoskinson’s Warning: A Vote Against Crypto Leading the charge against Biden’s stance is Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, who minced no […]

Cardano Founder Considers Partnership With Bitcoin Cash – What Is It About? |

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Cardano’s (ADA) founder, Charles Hoskinson, recently raised the possibility of Cardano partnering with Bitcoin Cash. He noted how significant this partnership could be for Bitcoin Cash as it would put it ahead of networks like Bitcoin.  Hoskinson conducted a “hypothetical poll” on his X (formerly Twitter) platform, asking his followers if they would like to […]

Cardano Roars Back To Life As ADA Whales Move $13.84 Billion |

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Cardano (ADA) is finally seeing some action again, as data from the market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock shows that there has been a notable spike in whale activity. This has revived hopes that the ADA token could soon record a significant price surge due to this development.  IntoTheBlock mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that […]

ADA Price Struggles To Break Above Trendline – Downward Trend Persists |

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ADA is the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain network, which is used for transactions, staking, and as a means of participating in the platform’s governance. Recently, the price of ADA has been on a downtrend, and from the look of things the token is not showing any sign of reversing anytime soon.  ADA On […]

Bitcoin, Dogecoin Top Holder Profits Ahead Of Cardano, Ether

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On-chain data shows that Bitcoin and Dogecoin have managed to top the charts regarding holder profitability. Here’s what the ranking looks like. Bitcoin & Dogecoin Are Among Coins With Highest Investor Profitability Ratio In a new post on X, the market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock talked about how holder profitability compares between some of the top […]

Bullish Cardano Metric Signals Upcoming 75% Rally Toward $1

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Crypto analyst Ali Martinez has drawn the Cardano (ADA) community’s attention to a crucial indicator that could be bullish for Cardano’s price. Based on his analysis, the crypto token could experience a rally that would cause it to rise to as high as $1.  Cardano Could Soon Experience A 75% Price Rally Martinez mentioned in […]

Cardano Drops Below Dogecoin On Crypto Top 10 List, Will It Lose 10th Spot To Shiba Inu? |

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Cardano has been struggling in the market over the last few weeks, completely erasing its gains from March. This continuous decline has put the digital asset in a perilous position as it has dropped drastically on the list of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Cardano Bows Out To Toncoin And Dogecoin The first […]

Cardano Addresses In Loss Barrels Past 57% Amid Market Crash

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Cardano (ADA) has been on a significant price decline in the past 30 days with important metrics pointing to a continued decline in the next few days. This decline has seen the number of Cardano holders in profit falling massively, as evidenced by on-chain data. Particularly, IntoTheBlock’s “In/Out of the Money” has revealed the number […]

Cardano Conquers Asia Pacific: EMURGO, Huawei Cloud Join Forces

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EMURGO, a foundational arm of the Cardano network, has partnered with Huawei Cloud to amplify the network’s presence and enhance its cloud-based blockchain solutions. Announced on April 11, 2024, this strategic alliance integrates EMURGO’s blockchain prowess with Huawei Cloud’s formidable infrastructure, aiming to accelerate Web3 adoption across the region. Cardano Expands In Asia At the […]

Telegram’s Toncoin Flips Cardano Out Of Top 10, Is Dogecoin Next? |

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Telegram-linked crypto token Toncoin (TON) recently climbed above Cardano (ADA) to become the ninth-largest crypto token by market cap. TON’s explosive move and sustained bullish momentum have raised the possibility that it could soon flip Dogecoin (DOGE), which currently occupies the eighth position.  Toncoin Hits New All-Time High (ATH) Toncoin hit a new all-time high […]

Cardano Set For Boost With Two Major Upgrades: Hoskinson

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In a rebuff to detractors of the Cardano network and its native token, Charles Hoskinson has announced the soon release of two significant upgrades designed to bolster the blockchain ecosystem profoundly. Through a statement made on X, Hoskinson paints a picture of a future brimming with promise for Cardano, underscoring its strategic preparedness for scalability, […]

Cardano War Chest Growing: Why Is ADA Dropping?

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On-chain data on April 5 shows that the Cardano Treasury is rapidly growing even as ADA prices struggle to shake off determined sellers. Currently, the treasury holds over 1.48 billion ADA worth over $843 million at spot rates. If adoption projections are anything to go by, the figure could exponentially increase in the coming months, possibly propping […]