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Predict crypto markets

Connect our AI algorithmic trader to your wallet to invest in crypto automatically utilizing the power of AI prediction.


DAILY Scanners


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Base concept

Our AI algorithmic trader scans the markets on over 2,000+ coins in real-time, 24/7 looking for news, unusual spikes in volume, volatility, buy and short positions, whale wallet buy/sells and dozens of other indicators to make educated decisions to alert you to potential trades so you don’t have to watch the markets, just be informed on trading opportunities when they arise.

Main advantages

Connect our AI trader to your wallet and stay informed on over 2,000+ coins scanned in real-time. 


AI Market Scans 24/7

Never miss a trade with our AI scanners that will watch the markets for you.


Custom Alerts

Set alerts according to your own trading strategies and stay informed.


Trading Automation

Connect your wallet and set parameters to let the AI trader make trades for you.

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