Breakneck Growth: Polygon (MATIC) Surpasses 4 Billion Transactions

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Polygon, the Ethereum scaling solution aiming to solve the network’s scalability woes, has blasted past a monumental milestone: 4 billion total transactions. This achievement is particularly impressive considering the network launched just four years ago in June 2020. Bitcoin, for comparison, took a staggering 15 years to reach 1 billion transactions, highlighting the breakneck speed […]

Massive XRP Rally Expected With Federal Reserve’s $6 Trillion Inflation Shift

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Could the US Federal Reserve’s potential pivot on inflation be the catalyst for a multi-trillion dollar surge in the cryptocurrency market? That’s the bullish prediction from some of Wall Street’s top analysts as they eye a seismic shift in monetary policy. According to a new report from Forbes, the stage may be set for a […]

Weekly Crypto Preview: The Hottest Coins For The Next Days

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This week in the crypto market is marked by critical events and strategic developments that promise to influence trends and investor sentiment significantly. Here is an in-depth analysis of the most anticipated cryptocurrencies and their upcoming milestones. #1 US Spot Ethereum ETF Deadline Looms The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) faces pivotal deadlines […]

Pump Fun Implodes: Ex-Employee Turned Hacker Exposes Alleged Shady Practices

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Jarett Dunn, the alleged hacker behind the Pump Fun exploit, secured bail after his arrest in London. Dunn, known online as StaccOverflow, is accused of draining nearly $2 million from the Solana-based memecoin marketplace on May 16th. However, in a surprising twist, Dunn isn’t pleading innocence. Instead, he’s claiming the real crime lies with Pump […]

X To Unleash The Dogecoin Flood? Payments Promise Stirs Community

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The Dogecoin army is barking with excitement after an insider hinted at the long-awaited integration of Dogecoin (DOGE) into X Payments, Elon Musk’s social media platform. However, a closer look reveals a reality check is needed before Doge rockets to the moon. Dogecoin Disciples Rejoice At Insider’s Tweet A spark ignited the Doge community when […]

Are New Altcoins Listing On Exchanges Like Binance Profitable? This Crypto Researcher Has The Answer |

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A crypto and macro researcher identified as “Flow” on X (formerly Twitter) has provided a detailed review of the profitability of new altcoins listed on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) such as Binance. The researcher disclosed that prominent exchanges like Binance have experienced a significant decline in the value and performance of new tokens listed on their […]

Ripple Market Report: Why Is XRP Volume Getting The Spotlight?

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Cryptocurrency payment company Ripple has released XRP’s market report for the first quarter of 2024. The report sheds light on XRP’s soaring trading volume. It also highlights updates on the on-chain performance and recent technical developments of the XRPL ecosystem.  XRP Spot Volume Surges According to the Q1 2024 XRP market report published officially on […]

Phony Philanthropy? Notcoin’s $6.8 Million Gift To Telegram Founder Rings Alarm Bells

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The burgeoning world of cryptocurrency continues to grapple with issues of transparency, with a recent donation raising eyebrows across the digital currency landscape. Notcoin, a brand new play-to-earn game built on the Telegram messaging platform, sent a hefty $6.8 million worth of its own tokens (NOT) to Telegram founder Pavel Durov. While framed as a […]

All Bitcoin Sold: Analyst Reveals Why He Swapped To Altcoins

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A prominent figure in the crypto space revealed he has sold all his Bitcoin (BTC) holdings in favor of Altcoins. In an X post, the market expert claimed to still have faith in the flagship cryptocurrency and explained what he did and the reasons why. Expert Takes A Risk To Get More Bitcoin On Thursday, […]

Solana Price Prediction – Could Solana Regain Bullish Momentum And Push To $200?

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Solana has seen its price struggling to return to bullish levels for the past month. Solana previously reached $208 on March 18 after a strong price uptick spanning over five months. However, this cross over $200 was very brief as Solana dipped to $167 before reversing and reaching $203 again on April 1. Again, this […]

Gas Gone Cheap! Ethereum Fees Plunge 93% To Rock Bottom Prices

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Ethereum users are rejoicing over a dramatic drop in gas fees, with the network experiencing its lowest point since early 2020. This translates into significantly cheaper transactions, making the platform more accessible for everyday users and developers. However, experts caution that this fee fiesta might be temporary, raising questions about the long-term health of the […]

Can Ethereum Maintain Momentum? Key Levels To Watch

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Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, has been on a rollercoaster ride lately, dipping below the psychologically important $3,000 threshold only to claw its way back, Ethereum’s price action has been a confusing mix of bullish and bearish signals. Bullish Whispers: New Investors And Short-Term Spikes A glimmer of hope emerged for Ethereum bulls with a […]