Without Spot Bitcoin ETFs, BTC Would Have Been Down 20%: Founder

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Samson Mow, a developer and founder of a crypto project, has attributed the current Bitcoin price stability to the launch of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States. Taking to X on February 22, Mow argued that these spot ETFs have prevented a significant price drop. Bitcoin Remains Higher Because Of Spot ETFs The […]

Whale Doubling Down On Ethereum, Exits Bitcoin Despite Stellar Performance

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On-chain data shows that one whale is rapidly accumulating Ethereum (ETH), selling large amounts of Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) via Aave, a popular non-custodial protocol.  Whale Borrows WBTC From Aave, Buys ETH As of February 16, Lookonchain data showed that the whale borrowed 280 Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), equivalent to approximately $14.6 million, Aave, one of the leading […]

Bitcoin Miners Face Pressure From US EIA, CEO To Fight Back

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Dennis Porter, the CEO of a non-profit, Satoshi Action Fund, has notified the crypto community that Bitcoin miners across the United States reportedly face pressure from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) after being sent letters requiring them to surrender sensitive data.  EIA Wants Bitcoin Miners To Submit Sensitive Data In a post on February 14, […]

Analyst: Expect The Bitcoin “Supply Shocks Of All Supply Shocks” After April

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A crypto analyst is bullish on Bitcoin (BTC), saying the market should expect a “supply shock of all supply shocks” when the network halves its miner rewards in roughly two months. The Bitcoin Mining Event In Focus Taking to X, Ted believes BTC prices will float higher after Bitcoin halves in April 2024. This event, set at […]

Rare Bitcoin Buy Signal Prints After 8 Years, BTC Ready To Fly?

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A rare buy signal has been printed on the Bitcoin (BTC) monthly chart, fueling the ongoing debate about the BTC price trajectory in the coming weeks. This development comes in the face of recent concerns about the stability of the traditional financial system. A Rare Bitcoin Buy Signals Prints According to a crypto analyst on […]

Ethereum Drained From Exchanges: EigenLayer Sapping ETH Or Bulls Incoming?

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The Ethereum (ETH) balance in multiple mainstream centralized exchanges, like Coinbase and Binance, has hit a new low. According to Leon Waidmann on X, over 7 million ETH have been withdrawn since April 2023.  Is It DeFi, NFT, Or EigenLayer Sapping ETH From Exchanges? This decline is net bullish for the coin, possibly hinting that other […]

Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Flip Gold: A Mega Capital Rotation In Progress?

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The recent launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) has sparked a surge in investment, with capital flows surpassing gold ETFs over the past two weeks, according to Bitwise CIO Matt Hougan.  Spot Bitcoin ETFs Draw More Capital, Flip Gold ETFs In a post on X, Huogan notes that Bitcoin ETFs attracted $1.7 billion in the […]

Economist: Bitcoin Will Drop In The Short Term But Roar As Fed Slash Rates

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The Bitcoin price remained under pressure on February 1, hours after the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) held interest rates steady on January 31. The dip in the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency is unexpected. Recent data suggests that analysts expect the central bank to drastically chop interest rates from their multi-year high, which will likely […]

Binance Reclaims Nearly 50% Market Share, BNB To The Moon?

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Binance has regained its position as the world’s most dominant crypto exchange, capturing nearly 50% of the global market share, according to data from Kaiko. The analytic data provider revealed that Binance’s market share has rebounded to almost 50% in the two months following its settlement with the United States Department of Justice (DoJ). Binance’s market share […]

CEO: These Key Indicators Will Make Or Break Bitcoin

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Samson Mow, the CEO of JAN3, has identified a series of crucial indicators that could shape Bitcoin’s trajectory in the coming months. Among the many, Mow lists how capital flows to Bitcoin via spot ETF issuers, real inflation, hash rate evolution, and others. Spot Bitcoin ETF Inflows Is A Metric To Monitor Closely Taking to X […]

Ethereum Staking Provider Dumps Geth For Besu As Client Decentralization Race Heats Up

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In a move towards a more diversified Ethereum execution client ecosystem, AllNodes, a staking provider, has announced its complete transition from Geth to Besu. With this shift, AllNodes has eliminated the use of Geth across its entire network of 23,895 nodes, marking a milestone in the ongoing efforts to reduce the current centralization around Geth, a majority […]

Analyst: Coinbase Should Prioritize Insurance Fund Over Ethereum Client Diversity

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Adam Cochran, a crypto analyst, is urging Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States by trading volume, to prioritize the creation of an insurance fund for its users rather than focusing on diversifying its Ethereum client infrastructure. Coinbase Should, Most Importantly, Have An Insurance Fund  In a post on X, Cochran thinks the exchange’s current […]