Bitcoin Bulls Unite: Cathie Wood’s $2.3 Million Forecast Gains Support From Robert Kiyosaki |

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Famous acclaimed author and investor Robert Kiyosaki has publicly endorsed Cathie Woods’ Ark Invest audacious prediction on Bitcoin, demonstrating a noteworthy agreement of viewpoints toward the potential for the crypto asset to reach unprecedented heights. This unity is evidence of the increasing number of people in the financial community who are confident that the asset […]

Secret Weapon For Bitcoin? This Level Could Unlock A Historic Rally, Analyst Says

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The cryptocurrency world is abuzz with anticipation as Bitcoin (BTC) trades near its all-time high, inching closer to a potential record-breaking run. This bullish sentiment comes on the heels of a significant price surge in March, which saw BTC peak at $73,805. However, analysts believe the best may be yet to come, with the highly […]

Bitcoin Trading At A Huge Discount: This Pre-Halving Dip Last Chance To Buy?

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Bitcoin is changing hands at around a three-week high when writing following refreshing gains on April 8. With the coin trading higher and above previous resistances, now support, analysts on X are upbeat.  In a post, one analyst said the recent dip before the upcoming Halving could be the final fire sale of 2024 before ordinary […]

By The Numbers: How Will Bitcoin Halving Change Mining Cost?

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With the Bitcoin halving coming soon, miner expenses are about to change. Here’s, in numbers, how the floor prices would stand for popular rigs. Bitcoin Halving And Its Influence On Floor Prices Of Mining Machines The halving is a periodic event on the Bitcoin network where the block rewards received by the miners for successfully […]

Here Are The Top Crypto Predictions Following The Bitcoin Halving In April 2024

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The Bitcoin Halving event, which will cut miners’ rewards in half, is set to take place in mid-April. Once that happens, the crypto community will have its eyes on specific predictions that have been projected to be actualized after the Halving event.  Where Is Bitcoin Headed After The Halving? Crypto analysts have given varying opinions […]

Bitcoin Difficulty Drops: Halving Making Miners Hesitant?

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On-chain data shows the Bitcoin difficulty has seen a drop in the latest network adjustment, suggesting the miners have stopped their expansion. Bitcoin Difficulty Drops 1% As Hashrate Remains Flat The “difficulty” is an in-built feature of the Bitcoin network that controls how hard the miners would find it to find blocks on the chain […]

US Bitcoin Miners Move Old Equipment Overseas – Here’s Why

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The Bitcoin halving, one of the most anticipated crypto events in 2024, is less than a month away, and miners seem to be in full preparation for its aftermath. The April event is expected to slash mining rewards on the Bitcoin network in half, making the validation of transactions less lucrative. As of now, miners […]

Bitcoin Analyst Targets $500,000 But Warns Of “Scary” Dips

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In a post on X, one crypto analyst thinks Bitcoin will reach $500,000 by mid-2025. However, even as prices trend higher, the rally won’t be smooth sailing, expecting some “scary” dips.  Bitcoin Is Shaky The analysis is when Bitcoin prices appear shaky, characterized by sharp corrections. Over the weekend, prices plunged lower, denting confidence after a weak […]

Why Bitcoin Halving Could Bring Uncertainty To Mining Industry: An In-Depth Analysis

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As the countdown to the fourth Bitcoin halving approaches, scheduled around April 19th, 2024, miners are bracing for significant changes in their operations. The halving, which occurs approximately every four years, marks a pivotal event in Bitcoin’s economic landscape, impacting both miners’ revenues and the network’s security. Currently, miners receive 6.25 bitcoins as a reward […]

Bitcoin Nears Pre-Halving “Danger Zone”: Crash Imminent?

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Taking to X, one analyst now says Bitcoin is inching closer to a critical juncture. This “Danger Zone” has historically coincided with sharp price corrections before Bitcoin halving events, raising concerns about a potential crash in the coming weeks. Bitcoin Approaching “Danger Zone” According to price charts, Bitcoin is trading above $72,400 when writing. However, as time […]

Analyst: Bitcoin To Peak By December At Over $200,000

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According to one crypto analyst on X, Bitcoin has been on a tear in the past few months and will likely peak at around the $150,000 to $150,000 zone in the next nine to 12 months. The bullish preview hinges on Bitcoin’s historical performance after breaking all-time highs (ATHs), especially in the last years, including 2017 and […]

Bitcoin Miner Riot Platforms Generated Record $281 Million Revenue In 2023 – Details |

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According to its latest financial report, Riot Platforms, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin mining and data center hosting firms, generated a record high in terms of revenue in 2023. A Breakdown Of Riot’s 2023 Financial Report According to its annual report, Riot Platforms registered a record-breaking $280.7 million in total revenue in the past […]