BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF Nears New Record With 69-Day Inflow Streak |

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The Bitcoin ETF market has witnessed a notable inflow streak, with BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust ETF (IBIT) leading the race. Since gaining approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 10, the ETF market has experienced over three months of trading.  However, BlackRock stands out as the frontrunner, boasting an impressive inflow […]

Is Peter Schiff Clueless About Bitcoin? BitMEX Spars Over Fee Spike

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The recent Bitcoin halving event, meant to slow down the creation of new coins, has ignited a fresh debate within the cryptocurrency community. Economist Peter Schiff threw gasoline on the fire by criticizing Bitcoin’s viability as a currency due to rising transaction fees and sluggish processing times. However, the cryptocurrency community swiftly countered his claims, […]

Bitcoin Miner Fees Revenue Explodes: Are Runes Driving It?

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On-chain data shows the Bitcoin miner revenue percentage from the fees has exploded recently. Here’s what’s behind this sharp growth. Bitcoin Runes Have Caused A Sudden Shake-Up In Miner Revenues A couple of days ago, the much-anticipated fourth Halving, a periodic event taking place roughly every four years where block rewards that miners receive for […]

Wealth Whisperers Go Crypto: Bitcoin ETFs Set For Big Boost From Unexpected Source

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As the financial world witnesses a seismic shift in the landscape of cryptocurrency investment, institutional players are making bold moves into the realm of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley’s recent proclamation has sent ripples through the industry, forecasting a staggering surge in Bitcoin ETF holdings by wealth management firms by the end […]

Bitcoin Rebounds After Dropping To $59,000 Level — Path To New Peak? |

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Bitcoin has been endeavoring to shift its trajectory from a downturn to an upswing. However, despite its efforts, the coin has remained on a downward trend for several days following its inability to surpass its previous all-time high of $73,833. Will Bitcoin Continue Upward After This Rejection? At the time of writing, the price of […]

Bitcoin Halving Stimulates Dialogue: Bullish Optimism Vs. Skeptical Caution

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Following the much-anticipated Bitcoin halving, investors and analysts are now divided over its potential impact on the cryptocurrency market. With historical data serving as a guide, experts offer contrasting viewpoints on whether the event will trigger a surge in Bitcoin prices or lead to a sell-off. Bullish Outlook: Historical Trends, Institutional Interest Fuel Optimism Matt […]

Get Ready! Bitcoin To Have A $10 Million Price Tag, According To This Billionaire

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Tim Draper, the venture capitalist known for early investments in Skype and Tesla, is once again ruffling feathers with his sky-high Bitcoin prediction. In a recent interview, Draper claimed the world’s most famous cryptocurrency could soar to a mind-boggling $10 million, fueled by widespread adoption and a weakening US dollar. “Now, $250,000 or a million, […]

Halving Hype Debunked: Binance Founder Says Don’t Fall For This Bitcoin Myth

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The air crackles with anticipation as the Bitcoin network hurtles towards its fourth halving event, expected within the next few hours. This pre-programmed phenomenon cuts the block reward for miners – the number of new Bitcoins generated for verifying transactions – in half. While some see it as a recipe for another digital gold rush, […]

Komodo CTO Warns That Bitcoin Is Becoming Too Centralized, Here’s Why |

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Kadan Stadelmann, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Komodo, an open-source technology workshop, has raised concerns about the increasing centralization of the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Stadelmann asserts that the rising centralization poses a threat to the fundamental principle of BTC as a decentralized digital currency.  Centralization Poses Existential Threat To Bitcoin According to Stadelmann, a […]

Decoded: Why Everyone’s Suddenly Googling ‘Bitcoin Halving’

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The digital gold rush is back on. With the next Bitcoin halving event just around the corner, excitement in the cryptocurrency world has reached a fever pitch. Google Trends data reveals a record-breaking surge in global searches for “Bitcoin halving,” with scores hitting an unprecedented 45 and analysts predicting a potential climb to a perfect […]

Bitcoin HODLers With No Past Of Selling Just Saw ATH Inflows

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On-chain data shows the Bitcoin “accumulation addresses” have observed all-time high inflows following the latest asset price slump. Bitcoin Accumulation Addresses Have Aggressively Bought The Dip As an analyst in a CryptoQuant Quicktake post pointed out, the total Bitcoin inflows going towards the accumulation addresses have set a new all-time high recently. The “accumulation addresses” […]

Bitcoin Flips Ethereum In Fees, But Will This Last?

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On-chain data shows that Bitcoin has flipped Ethereum in another metric, as the transaction fees paid on the BTC network are now higher than those paid on the ETH network. Bitcoin Total Transaction Fees Is Now Higher Than Ethereum’s As pointed out by analyst James Van Straten in a post on X, the Bitcoin transaction […]