Boost For Polkadot As Kusama Sells All 3 Coretime In First Sale: DOT Rejects Bears

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In a momentous event that heralds a new era for Polkadot, Kusama, its test network, sold all three cores in its first Agile Coretime sale, as reported on April 30. This achievement, shared by Parity Technologies, the developer of the interoperable blockchain, is a crucial step in their roadmap towards bringing Agile Coretime to the […]

Polkadot Reportedly Lays Off 300 Employees: What’s The Way Forward?

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Parity Technologies, the developer of Polkadot, a platform at the forefront of blockchain interoperability, has reportedly laid off more than 300 employees. According to an X post shared by “chainyoda,” a core contributor, on October 12, the number retrenched is more than that of developers working on dapps deployed on the blockchain. Parity Technology Game Plan: To […]