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EMURGO, a foundational arm of the Cardano network, has partnered with Huawei Cloud to amplify the network’s presence and enhance its cloud-based blockchain solutions. Announced on April 11, 2024, this strategic alliance integrates EMURGO’s blockchain prowess with Huawei Cloud’s formidable infrastructure, aiming to accelerate Web3 adoption across the region.

Cardano Expands In Asia At the heart of this partnership is the establishment of a Cardano Validator Node on Huawei Cloud. This strategic integration will leverage Huawei’s expansive cloud infrastructure, offering unprecedented scalability and reliability to the network.

By combining Huawei Cloud’s robust computational resources and global network with Cardano’s advanced blockchain technology, this partnership aims to enhance the performance, scalability, and interoperability of Web3 applications on the platform.

A key aspect of this collaboration is the project’s access to Huawei’s Marketplace, a renowned platform frequented by leading enterprises globally. This integration will significantly extend the reach and applicability of Cardano’s Web3 solutions, fostering innovative applications and services within the blockchain ecosystem.

The partnership thus stands as a beacon of innovation, inviting developers to explore new frontiers in Web3 development on a secure and scalable cloud platform.

In expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, EMURGO CEO Ken Kodama remarked, “This collaboration converges the traction of Huawei Cloud’s trusted cloud technology with Cardano’s network of blockchain developers and Web3 solutions, representing our shared vision to accelerate Web3 adoption while enabling transparency and trust in the cloud ecosystem.” Kodama’s statement underscores the strategic alignment of both entities in fostering an environment conducive to digital innovation and growth in the Asia Pacific region.

Rex Lei Yang, Managing Director of Huawei Cloud Singapore, highlighted the strategic advantage this partnership offers to Huawei Cloud: “Collaborating with EMURGO enables us access to an expansive network of Web3 developers and innovative solutions on the Cardano blockchain network. This is a significant step towards future-proofing Huawei Cloud’s business and solidifying our position as a leader in the cloud ecosystem.”

Furthermore, the partnership also underscores EMURGO’s commitment to extending the ADA ecosystem across major economies in Asia Pacific and Africa. With an established presence in regions including Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Japan, EMURGO aims to further cement its footprint, leveraging more than 3,000 stake pools or validators that secure the network.

The Cardano accelerator, Adaverse, and EMURGO Africa, are pivotal to this expansion, enhancing accessibility and utility across the continents.

At press time, ADA traded at $0.583.

ADA price, 1-day chart | Source: ADAUSD on Featured image from Swissborg Academy, chart from

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