Are New Altcoins Listing On Exchanges Like Binance Profitable? This Crypto Researcher Has The Answer |

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A crypto and macro researcher identified as “Flow” on X (formerly Twitter) has provided a detailed review of the profitability of new altcoins listed on Centralized Exchanges (CEX) such as Binance. The researcher disclosed that prominent exchanges like Binance have experienced a significant decline in the value and performance of new tokens listed on their […]

Ready, Set, Grow: Why It Might Be Time To Invest In Altcoins Now – Santiment

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Recent data from Santiment, a prominent market intelligence firm, indicate that the altcoins may enter a “prime buying” phase. According to Santiment, more than 85% of the altcoins they track are currently positioned in what is historically considered a “buying opportunity zone.” Sentiment And Technical Indicators Favor Altcoins This assessment is based on the Market […]

Pal: HODL, Crypto Is Being Adopted Twice As Fast As The Internet

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Despite a recent price dip in crypto, including Bitcoin, Raoul Pal, the founder of Real Vision, remains bullish, citing accelerating adoption and strong underlying fundamentals. In a recent post on X, Pal said though prices are dropping after strong gains, cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology are being adopted twice as fast as the internet. At this pace, […]

Altcoin Trends Unravelled: Santiment Reveals Shift In Growth

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The on-chain analytics firm Santiment has revealed that the altcoins have been showing a recent divergence in network growth. Altcoins Are Observing Polarization When It Comes To Network Growth In a new post on X, Santiment has explained how the altcoins have been separating from each other following the big Bitcoin spot ETF news last […]

Altcoin Mania: Largest Korean Exchange Has 87% Alt Volume

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Data shows Upbit, the largest Korean cryptocurrency exchange, has the altcoins contributing to 87% of the total trading volume. 87% Of The Trading Volume On Upbit Is Occupied By Altcoins In a new post on X, CryptoQuant founder and CEO Ki Young Ju has posted a comparison of the trading volumes between American and Korean […]

XRP And Dogecoin Flip Solana, Avalanche To Be Among Most Liquid Cryptocurrencies

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An analysis by blockchain analytics platform Kaiko revealed that XRP and Dogecoin (DOGE) are among the top four most liquid cryptocurrencies, only trailing Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This finding challenges the conventional wisdom that market capitalization is a wholesome metric for evaluating a cryptocurrency’s price, and thus, liquidity. XRP, Dogecoin among most liquid coins […]

Is Ledger Tracking Each And Every Move You Make? Hard Data Shows

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An investigation by Rekt Builder has raised concerns about the extent of data collection by Ledger Live, the official software for managing Ledger hardware wallets. The developer claims that Ledger Live tracks every move users make, including the apps they install and the crypto they hold. Ledger Live Covertly Tracking User Transaction Activities? Taking to […]

Analyst Claims Tron, Not Solana Or Bitcoin, Is Banking The Unbanked: Is This True?

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According to Qiao Wang, the customer support at Alliance DAO, Tron is the blockchain that has best banked the unbanked around the world. Tron is a smart contract platform and one of the many competitors of Ethereum. Taking to X on December 25, Wang argues that Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Solana (SOL) are “too volatile, too […]

Top 5 Bitcoin BRC-20 Tokens That Could 10X Your Crypto Portfolio |

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BRC-20 tokens, a new type of token standard built on the Bitcoin network, have been slowly inching into popularity among crypto enthusiasts. This popularity grew when Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, listed the ORDI token which went from $10 to $60, and then most recently, the exchange listed another BRC-20 token known […]

Is Uniswap (UNI) Ready For Breakout? This Analyst Thinks So

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An analyst has explained, using different on-chain indicators, how Uniswap (UNI) could be gearing up for a price breakout. Uniswap Metrics May Point That A Rally Could Be Brewing Up In a new post on X, analyst Ali has discussed the outcome that UNI may face based on some underlying metrics. The first indicator of […]

Crypto Analyst Who Predicted XRP Price Breakout Reveals What’s Next |

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Crypto analyst Alan Santana has been continuously bullish on the XRP price and has previously predicted a breakout for the digital asset. With the rise in the crypto market over the last day, the analyst’s prediction of a surge has come to pass. Now, in an update, Santana reveals what is next for the beloved […]

Sub-$500 Million Altcoin Dominates Crypto Discussion Following 573% Surge |

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In an interesting turn of events, one altcoin has seemingly come out of nowhere to dominate the discussions around crypto over the last week. Loom Network, with its native token LOOM, has barreled ahead of the likes of Bitcoin in this metric. Loom Network (LOOM) Takes The Spotlight In an X (formerly Twitter) post on […]