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Wall Street expert Linda Jones has joined the list of experts predicting a strong bullish future for XRP. Jones shared her thoughts regarding the crypto in a recent interview, and how Ripple’s executives made the technological innovation that led to XRP’s creation. According to Jones, the digitalization of commerce and currency that XRP brings could be a bigger opportunity than the early days of the internet.

Linda Jones Reveals Her Thoughts on XRP Updates surrounding XRP in the past few months have had investors wondering about its future trajectory. According to Jones, whose remarks came as a response to an interview question on the potentials of the digital asset, the token ticks all of the boxes investors typically look at before investing in stocks and assets. As a result, it is poised to become a market leader in the crypto space.

In the interview, the financial analyst highlighted the routes she would typically take before investing in assets, which involves identifying one or two of the biggest players in the industry. She then mentioned that Ripple’s executives including David Schwartz, saw that the path of cross-border payments was where blockchain technology could have the biggest impact and utility. As a result, XRP was birthed and Ripple has since gone ahead to help government form Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). 

XRP market cap currently at $30.7 billion. Chart: “When you’re investing at the government level, it doesn’t get any bigger than that. It’s trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars, and that is the most exciting investment opportunity and largest investment opportunity,” Jones said.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, XRP was created to help in the traditional finance industry. The cryptocurrency’s potential has been commended by other analysts, especially in the context of cross-border payments and for its use case as a CBDC settlement. 

Digitizing Commerce And Currency In terms of future outlook, Jones noted that the world is now “moving from having digitized communications back in the ’90s to digitizing commerce and currency.’ The crypto industry has grown into a trillion-dollar industry since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2008, and the analyst believes the industry is well on its way to creating more money. 

“That’s what people don’t really realize is that the amount of wealth this is going to create is going to blow people’s minds,” Jones said. “That’s a bigger opportunity than the internet was,” she continued. 

Lastly, Jones affirmed the notion that 2024 would be a turning point for fintech and the crypto industry, and that Ripple, and ultimately, XRP ticks all the boxes that make it a good investment.

XRP is currently trading at $0.5708, down by 11.57% in a 7-day timeframe amidst a general price correction in altcoins. A court hearing for Ripple in a class action lawsuit is scheduled to take place on January 11th.

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