Busted! North Korea Caught Laundering Millions Via Shady Crypto Mixer

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Once more, North Korea has demonstrated its cyber prowess, possibly undermining international sanctions by using cryptocurrencies. According to a recent assessment by UN sanctions monitors, North Korea is suspected of using the Tornado Cash platform to launder a whopping $148 million that was taken from a cryptocurrency exchange in March. This event highlights how difficult […]

Cyber Heist Alert: North Korea Hackers Lazarus Group Use LinkedIn To Prey On Crypto Firms

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The notorious Lazarus Group, a cyber-hacker entity backed by North Korea, appears to have escalated its fraudulent activities to attack crypto by exploiting LinkedIn’s professional networking platform. This cyber threat has been detailed in a report by SlowMist, a leading information security firm. The Lazarus Group, known for its elaborate cyber offenses, has now impersonated […]

Rumors Swirl As North Korea’s ETH Transfer To BlackRock Via Tornado Cash Sparks Speculation | Bitcoinist.com

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Amidst growing concerns of illicit activities involving cryptocurrencies, reports have emerged linking North Korean hackers associated with the notorious Lazarus Group to an exploit of Ethereum (ETH) through the virtual currency mixer Tornado Cash.  It is alleged that the hackers are now involved in a transfer to BlackRock, the largest asset management firm, as claimed […]

UN Reveals: 50% Of North Korea’s Foreign Earnings From Crypto Attacks And Cyber Heists

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In recent findings, an investigation by the United Nations has illuminated the extent to which North Korea has leveraged cyber activities such as crypto hacks to “bolster” its economy and further its weapons development programs. The report spans from 2017 to 2023 and details a series of cyberattacks targeting crypto-related firms. It highlights the approach […]

Actors From North Korea Steal Digital Assets Worth $3 Billion In Six Years

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Hacks and thefts are some of the drawbacks that come from the wider advantages of the crypto industry, due to the anonymity of crypto transactions. According to a new report, state-sponsored hackers from North Korea have stolen around $3 billion in digital currency since 2017, with approximately 44% of stolen cryptocurrency in 2022 traced to […]

North Korea Tied To Crypto Hack On Betting Platform, FBI Reveals | Bitcoinist.com

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A well-known North Korean hacker group has once again made headlines this week, as federal authorities have revealed that they successfully stolen approximately $41 million worth of cryptocurrencies. This audacious theft targeted an online casino and betting platform, demonstrating the group’s continued prowess in the world of cybercrime. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has […]