Nigerian Court Adjourns Binance Tax Evasion Trial To May 17

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A Nigerian court has rescheduled the hearing of a tax evasion lawsuit against Binance and some of its executives to May 17. This adjournment represents the latest development in the ongoing regulatory saga between various agencies of the Nigerian government and the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange. Related Reading: Impending Extradition? Nigerian Authorities Trace Fleeing Binance Exec […]

Crypto Clients In China Targeted As Singapore Expands Money Laundering Probe |

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The fight against crypto-related money laundering continues as Singaporean Authorities probe suspected channels. According to a September 21 Bloomberg report, Singapore banks have extended ongoing money laundering investigations to clients of Chinese origin. Amid the probe, they have frozen and seized $1.8 million in crypto assets, cash, and properties since August. Singaporean Banks Heighten Scrutiny […]