Crypto Funds On The Move: Poloniex Hacker Transfers $3.4M

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Reports unveiled that part of the stolen funds from crypto exchange Poloniex have been moved for the first time. After six months, one of the identified accounts where the exploit proceedings were sent in November 2023 transferred $3.5 million to a crypto mixer. Stolen Funds Transferred For The First Time On Monday night, one of […]

First-Ever Conviction For Crypto Smart Contract Hacking: Nirvana Exploiter Sentenced To 3 Years |

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After orchestrating a series of hacks on two decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEXs) that stole more than $12 million worth of crypto, former security engineer Shakeeb Ahmed was sentenced today to three years in prison, this is the first-ever smart contract hacking conviction in the US.  Ahmed was also ordered to forfeit the stolen crypto and pay […]

Gaming Platform Exploit Ends With $62M In Crypto Returned

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In the late hours of Tuesday, the crypto community saw another exploit. Munchables, the Ethereum Layer-2 NFT gaming platform, reported being compromised on an X post. The crypto heist, which momentarily stole over $62 million, took a shocking turn of events after the attacker’s identity opened a Pandora’s box. Crypto Developer Turns Hacker Yesterday, Munchables, […]

Is Your Crypto Safe? Trezor Addresses Concerns Over X Hack

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On March 19, Trezor’s X suffered a security breach that exposed the account’s 200,000 followers to a fake crypto presale. After the alarms were raised, most crypto users stayed vigilant while the hardware wallet company regained control. Trezor’s team recently published a preliminary report addressing the concerns. The post also explained the elaborate phishing scam […]

UN Reveals: 50% Of North Korea’s Foreign Earnings From Crypto Attacks And Cyber Heists

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In recent findings, an investigation by the United Nations has illuminated the extent to which North Korea has leveraged cyber activities such as crypto hacks to “bolster” its economy and further its weapons development programs. The report spans from 2017 to 2023 and details a series of cyberattacks targeting crypto-related firms. It highlights the approach […]

Crypto Hacks Total Value Saw 97.6% MoM Increase In February

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The crypto community has seen a growing number of hacks in the first two months of 2024. Widely reported by Bitcoinist, hackers and scammers have targeted high-profile figures and projects within the industry. According to PeckShield, a crypto investigator focused on security, February saw an over 97.6% Month-on-Month (MoM) rise in the total value of […]

Hacker Drains $5.6M In Crypto From Data Storage Platform

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Yesterday, the crypto community saw an attack on one of Serenity Shield’s Metamask wallets, resulting in the theft of over 7 million SERSH tokens. As a result, the token’s price significantly dropped, and the holders showed concern about the platform’s future. $5.6M In Crypto Stolen From Hot Wallet Serenity Shield, a data storage solution platform, […]

3,248 ETH Stolen In Axie Infinity Co-Founder Hack

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On Thursday night, the Axie Infinity co-founder suffered a hack that included a large amount of ETH being withdrawn from the wallet and sent to Tornado Cash. The suspicious activity was revealed by a blockchain investigator, who alerted of the compromised whale wallet over the Ronin bridge. Related Reading: Massive Crypto Breach: Hackers Extract $26 […]

128 Crypto Wallets Drained By New Attack, Is Your Money Safe? |

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Web3 security firm Blockaid recently reported another significant security breach that Angel Drainer carried out. The notorious phishing group is said to have drained 128 crypto wallets of their funds.  How These Wallets Were Drained Blockaid revealed in an X (formerly Twitter) post that Angel Drainer phished users and led them to a single Safe […]

Alarming Crypto Theft: North Korea-Linked Lazarus Group Accounts For 20% Of 2023’s Losses |

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The Lazarus Group, a hacker organization linked to North Korea, has been responsible for crypto hacking incidents resulting in over $300 million in losses in 2023. This accounts for approximately 17.6% of the total losses incurred throughout the year. According to a Fortune Magazine report, despite a decline in major crypto hacking incidents globally, North […]

Bitcoin Ransom Threatens Spider-Man 2 Developer: Pay 50 BTC Or This Could Happen |

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Bitcoin has taken center stage in a concerning development involving video game developer Insomniac Games, recognized for its highly acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man series.  Reports indicate that Insomniac Games has fallen victim to a hacking incident, with the hacking group Rhysida demanding a ransom of 50 Bitcoin (equivalent to approximately US$2 million). Rhysida has threatened to leak […]

A Crypto Heist: Fake Skype App Linked To Loss Of $200,000

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Cybersecurity firm SlowMist reported on a new vector targeting crypto and Web3 users. This scam, which led to the theft of funds from an unsuspecting victim who downloaded the app from the internet, highlights the growing sophistication of cybercriminals targeting not just wallets and exchanges but also widely used social media apps. SlowMist Uncovers Sophisticated […]