Chainlink Flips Cardano To Become #1 Crypto In This Metric

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Data shows that Chainlink (LINK) has surpassed Cardano (ADA) in becoming the king of cryptocurrency projects in this metric. Chainlink Is Now Top Of The Sector In Development Activity In a new post on X, the analytics firm Santiment has shared the latest ranking for various cryptocurrency projects based on the criterion of “development activity.” […]

Aave Seeks To Integrate Chainlink’s CCIP For GHO Transfers

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Aave, a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, has published a governance proposal to integrate Chainlink’s Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) for secure cross-chain transfers of its GHO stablecoin.  The suggestion, floated by Aave Labs, the lending and borrowing protocol’s developer, says the CCIP integration addresses the current limitations of its algorithmic stablecoin, GHO, if approved by the […]

Massive Shiba Inu Accumulation: Tron Founder Stacks Up SHIB Holdings |

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Shiba Inu, an Ethereum-based meme coin, is currently in the spotlight as the altcoin has been witnessing massive accumulation in the past few days, which has raised speculations among community members about whether a sell-off is imminent. Justin Sun Increases Shiba Inu Portfolio One of the Shiba Inu accumulation that has sent shockwaves within the […]

A Chainlink Nightmare: Investor Duped Out Of $4.66 Million In Cunning Phishing Scam

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A Chainlink (LINK) crypto investor has recently suffered a catastrophic loss due to a sophisticated phishing attack. The victim, who had been trading and accumulating LINK tokens, was duped into approving a fraudulent transaction, resulting in the loss of roughly $4.66 million. The Chainlink Investor Phishing Attack: A Detailed Breakdown The investor, over a period […]

Chainlink Launches LINK Staking V0.2, What You Need To Know

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Chainlink, the leading player in the decentralized Oracle network sector, has officially announced the launch of Chainlink Staking v0.2, slated for this year. This update is a significant step forward from the previously launched v0.1 version, offering enhanced features and broader participation avenues for the Chainlink community. According to the announcement on X, the v0.2 […]

Chainlink Bullish: Whales Continue To Load Up Their Bags

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On-chain data shows that large Chainlink holders have been buying during the past two weeks, a sign that’s positive for the coin’s rally. Chainlink Sharks & Whales Have Added Another $53 Million In LINK As pointed out by analyst Ali in a post on X, the large LINK investors have been buying recently. The indicator […]

Chainlink Major Momentum Change Poised To Skyrocket Prices |


Chainlink has traded over 500 days in a tight range between $5 and $9. While it might feel as though there is no end in sight to the sideways price action in LINK, a high time frame momentum change could finally send prices out of this range ands soaring higher. Here’s why. Chainlink On The […]

Chainlink Whale Makes Big Outflow, LINK To Add To 11% Gains?

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Data shows a Chainlink whale has made a large withdrawal from Binance in the past day, a possible sign that buying may be happening. Chainlink Has Enjoyed A Sharp 11% Surge During The Past Week Chainlink has been among the best performers in the cryptocurrency sector during the last few days as the asset has […]