Solana Outperforms Ethereum In Key Metrics, But Running Nodes Proving To Be Expensive

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A recent analysis by Ryan Watkins, co-founder of Syncracy Capital, highlights Solana’s growing momentum in several key metrics that Ethereum once dominated. However, Watkins notes that running Solana nodes is more expensive amid this revelation. Solana Is Rallying; Key Metrics Swell In a post on X, Watkins noted that Solana has surpassed Ethereum regarding decentralized exchange […]

Can You Switch Off Solana? There Is A 6-Figure Reward Waiting For You

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Jacob Creech, Solana’s Head of Developer, reminds the broader community that the team will reward anyone with $400,000 in SOL, the platform’s native currency, if “switch off” or halt the high throughput network. Taking to X on October 13, Creech encouraged interested white hacks and coders to head over to their repository and begin penetration […]