Solana Outperforms Ethereum In Key Metrics, But Running Nodes Proving To Be Expensive

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A recent analysis by Ryan Watkins, co-founder of Syncracy Capital, highlights Solana’s growing momentum in several key metrics that Ethereum once dominated. However, Watkins notes that running Solana nodes is more expensive amid this revelation. Solana Is Rallying; Key Metrics Swell In a post on X, Watkins noted that Solana has surpassed Ethereum regarding decentralized exchange […]

Bitcoin Hash Rate Debate: Public Miners Account For Just 28% – Is Decentralization In Jeopardy?”

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In the world of Bitcoin mining, the concept of decentralization versus centralization has been a subject of ongoing debate.  Recent data from Hash Index has shed new light on this discussion by revealing that public miners make up just 28% of Bitcoin’s global hash rate. This statistic challenges the notion that miners hold central control […]