Jack Dorsey Predicts Bitcoin Boom To $1 Million By 2030: What’s Driving His Bold Vision?

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Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter and a well-known figure in the tech and cryptocurrency sectors, recently shared his view that Bitcoin could reach $1 million by 2030. His prediction is part of a broader bullish outlook on the pioneer cryptocurrency, suggesting that its value could continue to climb even after hitting this milestone. […]

Will May Make Or Break Bitcoin? Crucial Events To Watch This Month

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May brings a series of pivotal events that could significantly influence the trajectory of Bitcoin and the broader crypto market. These events, ranging from regulatory decisions to economic indicators, appear capable of profoundly swaying market dynamics. Regulatory And Economic Indicators On The Horizon This month is marked by crucial dates, starting with a significant meeting […]

JPMorgan Waves Crypto Red Flag: Urges Caution As Market Teeters On Edge

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In recent evaluations by JPMorgan analysts, cryptocurrencies’ future appears to be uncertain. Despite the sector’s rapid expansion and increasing mainstream acceptance, the financial giant advises a cautious approach in the short term. This conservative stance stems from “diminishing retail interest” and a “scarcity of positive market catalysts.” Analyzing The Shifts: From Enthusiasm To Caution JPMorgan’s […]

Crypto Optimism Prevails: Bitcoin’s Buy Signals Surge Despite Ongoing Market Dip

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Amid a recent downturn in the overall cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin has seen a notable retracement, shedding nearly 10% of its value over the past week. This decline has extended further in the past 24 hours, with Bitcoin’s price currently hovering around $65,353. Despite this market correction, sentiment among crypto enthusiasts remains surprisingly optimistic. Crypto analytics […]

Bitcoin Shake-Up: Galaxy CEO Novogratz Warns Of $55,000 BTC Drop – Here’s Why

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With its recent surge above the $64,000 mark, Bitcoin has again proven its attractiveness to a broad spectrum of investors. Amid this bullish momentum, Michael Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Digital Holdings, has shared his insights, suggesting a possible short-term correction that could see Bitcoin’s value adjust to the mid-$50,000 range. This forecast comes when […]

Here’s What Drove Bitcoin’s Price To $50,000, According To This Expert

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In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin soared to a 2-year peak, briefly breaking the $50,000 barrier. Although it has since pulled back from this mark, BTC’s momentum remains strong, showcasing a bullish trend with a 3.9% increase over the past day. In a recent CNBC interview, Tom Lee, a key figure in the financial analytics […]

Shifting Financial Tides: ARK Invest Suggest 19.4% Bitcoin Allocation Plan For Optimal Returns

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In their latest annual research report titled ‘Big Ideas 2024,’ ARK Invest, a renowned investment management firm, has put forth a compelling case for including Bitcoin in institutional portfolios. Drawing upon an extensive analysis of the crypto’s performance, the report recommends a significant allocation of “19.4%” to Bitcoin. This figure is not arbitrary but is […]

Bitcoin Plunges Below $39,000: A Breaking Point For Deeper Crash?

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The crypto market is witnessing a notable downturn, with Bitcoin’s price plummeting below the $39,000 threshold. Bitfinex’s latest Alpha Report paints a bearish picture, suggesting that the prevailing market sentiment is inclined toward further downturns. This perspective is based on analyzing critical price levels that could support BTC’s falling value. Further Plunge Ahead? The ongoing […]

Don’t Worry About Bitcoin: Glassnode Predicts When The Bull Market Will Begin | Bitcoinist.com

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Several crypto analysts have weighed in on when the next bull run is likely to begin. A majority of them pinpointed the Bitcoin Halving as what will trigger this next cycle. With this in mind, crypto analytics firm Glassnode has provided insights as to when to expect the next bull market.  Bitcoin Halving Now 100 […]

Bitcoin’s Road To $1M Still On Track: Expert Says Balaji’s Timing Was Off, Not His Prediction

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Samson Mow, CEO at Jan3 and a staunch Bitcoin advocate, recently sparked a discussion among the crypto community, suggesting that Bitcoin’s journey to reaching a valuation of $1 million is still plausible. Mow’s statement comes from views and predictions on BTC within the crypto community, including Balaji Srinivasan, a former a16z partner and Coinbase CTO. […]

Bitcoin Price Dual Outlook: Experts Eye $87,000 In 2025

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The current stability of Bitcoin price around the pivotal $34,000 mark suggests the potential for a continued bullish trend, but analysts remain uncertain whether indicators strongly support an upward trajectory or if a regression to $27,000 is imminent. Presently valued at $34,150, Bitcoin has shown lateral movement in the past day. With a notable 15% […]