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Pro-XRP legal expert Bill Morgan has voiced out his sentiments toward the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) following the Commission’s decision to dismiss its claims against Ripple’s executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen.

Pro-XRP Lawyer Wishes SEC The Worst In a series of posts made on his X (formerly Twitter) platform, Morgan stated that he “sincerely” wishes the Commission “all the worst” in the penalties phase of the litigation and hoped that the court awards the “smallest penalties possible.”

The penalty phase that Morgan is referring to is the period in which the SEC and Ripple are expected to meet and settle on the possible fine that Ripple has to pay regarding its institutional sales, which Judge Analisa Torres ruled constituted investment contracts. However, it is believed that Judge Torres might have to step in if both parties cannot agree on a remedy. 

Meanwhile, the scheduled trial to hear the SEC’s case against Ripple and its founders has been following the Commission’s dismissal of its claims against Garlingouse and Larsen. The notion that the SEC can immediately proceed to appeal has also been refuted, as Judge Torres will need to give a final judgment (acknowledging the SEC’s dismissal and deciding on remedies for the violation with respect to the institutional sales).

Token price reacts positively to SEC withdrawal | Source: XRPUSD on Why The SEC Deserves The Worst In preceding tweets, Morgan had laid a foundation as to why the SEC deserves the worst and his lack of remorse for the Commission following all these losses it has gotten in its case against Ripple. He began by referring to when the SEC first filed its lawsuit against Ripple and its founders. 

He noted how the Commission had sought an injunction to stop any future sale of XRP by Ripple and how this would have “ruined Rippled” and “deeply adversely affected the livelihood and lives” of Garlinghouse and Larsen if this injunction had been granted. 

According to him, Ripple had done all this despite the fact that there was no allegation of fraud against Ripple and its executives, nor was there any evidence of investor harm. The regulator didn’t stop there as it also allegedly did “everything available to delay the matter and run up the defendants’ legal costs.”

Ripple’s co-founder, Chris Larsen, had voiced similar sentiments when he stated that the SEC had to be held accountable for its actions. He noted how the Commission had come after him and Garlinghouse with baseless claims and that it had actively demolished the country’s global standing as the “home for innovation.”

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