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An XRP critic is choosing to go in on the crypto token as he sees an opportunity to make reasonable profits from the crypto token. This hasn’t changed his stance, though, as he made it clear from his comments that he is still critical of the XRP token and its community. 

Why This Critic Is Choosing To Buy In a post shared on his X (formerly Twitter) platform, XRP critic Cousin Crypto mentioned that he was bidding for the crypto token. Such a move will usually not be expected from him, considering his reservations about XRP. However, the crypto trader is choosing not to let his sentiments cloud his judgment as he believes that XRP could pump soon. 

Cousin Crypto’s belief stems from the fact that XRP has been “too quiet,” and a significant rally seems overdue. Indeed, XRP has been tepid for some time now, as other major altcoins continue to see some action in the market. XRP’s tepid movement has seen it drop to the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap after climbing to the fourth position this year. 

XRP could truly see a pump soon, considering that crypto analyst Davinci Jeremie recently stated that the crypto token will hit $1.33 “pretty fast.” Jeremie also suggested that this will happen through market manipulation, which is something that he says happens usually with XRP’s price. 

When it comes to the XRP price, there seem to be two sides of the divide. There are those like Jeremie who believe that XRP’s price is usually manipulated to pump. On the other hand, some argue that XRP’s price is meant to be much higher but is being suppressed by Ripple. Whatever the case may be, Cousin Crypto will be hoping that XRP pumps soon. 

Token price at $0.64 | Source: XRPUSD On XRP A Scam? In his post, Cousin Crypto still made his reservations about XRP, known as he called it a scam. He isn’t the first to call the crypto token as a finance expert Rajat Soni also recently explained why he believes that XRP is a scam. Cousin also used the opportunity to take a dig at the XRP army. He teased them about talks about banks adopting XRP and how that has gone so far.

He also joked about the price prediction of XRP hitting $10,000. However, people like Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto have continued to urge the XRP community to remain patient as these price predictions will still materialize. 

A pro-XRP legal expert also recently chimed in and suggested that XRP’s recent price action shouldn’t be something to be worried about. 

Meanwhile, XRP YouTuber Moon Lambo asked the XRP community to stop paying attention to negative narratives about XRP’s price action. Instead, they should just focus on the bigger picture, as XRP is still going to ride to the top. 

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