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A blockchain update can make or break a fortune in the digital world of cryptocurrency. Amid all the technical terms and academic white papers, one thing stands out: the names. Forget about Ethereums and Zcashes; the crypto sphere is full of coins with names that are so strange that they would make Shakespeare scratch his head.

But it’s not just funny that things are so strange. Within the crypto community, these strange names often show how the culture is changing, inside jokes, and sometimes bad intentions. On this trip through the strangest parts of the crypto universe, we’ll look at the top five weirdest names and the stories behind them. So put on your spacesuit and join us:

Top Five Weirdest Crypto Names With its name as the “first LGBTQ+ token for all people,” GOGE is bold and controversial. The name’s audacity merits praise, regardless of whether it lives up to its lofty ambition. The flamboyant mascot is memorable, yet it may irritate some. Beyond the dazzling facade is the real challenge. GOGE: a turning point for LGBTQ+ inclusiveness in digital currency, or a rainbow-flagged marketing gamble? This brilliantly colored pooch may hit mainstream acceptance or languish in niche tokens.

4 – Ass Coin

You read that right. This so-called “butt-coin” based on the proof-of-stake scheme is the most audacious of them all. Introduced in 2021, Ass Coin’s name is clearly rude and almost insulting. Even though it’s been controversial, it has a market cap of about $7.89 million, according to GeckoTerminal, which shows that even the wackiest ideas can get people interested.

3 – Pepe Hands

This piece makes a sad reference to the famous Pepe the Frog meme and makes you feel like you have an emotional connection to it. It started in 2022, and its name comes from the fact that people in the online community share experiences and weaknesses. This has helped it build a small but loyal fan base. Pepe Hands may not be a big company (its market cap is only a meager $3,450), but its name appeals to a certain group of people.

BTCUSD trading at $43,286 on the daily chart: 2 – Cum Rocket

This one doesn’t need an introduction. When it came out in 2021, CumRocket’s name made no sense at all. It has a market cap of about $5.1 million, which is pretty good, even though (or maybe because of) its overtly sexual metaphor. People have strong feelings about the name, which makes people wonder about community ideals and marketing strategies in the crypto world.

Poop, Whatever 1 – Poop Doge

We’ve reached the pinnacle of peculiarity. Launched in 2022, Poop Doge, with a maximum supply of 1 trillion, boldly ventures into territory where even the most seasoned meme-lords might hesitate. It’s a name that challenges our notions of good taste, financial decorum, and perhaps even basic hygiene. But for those who dare to embrace the absurd, Poop Doge stands as a testament to the boundless creativity (and questionable judgment) within the crypto community.

From Ass Coin’s brazen disrespect for religion to Cum Rocket’s bold nod to the sexual, the cryptosphere is full of strange animal names. Our top five is just the beginning. Poop Doge’s launch may be the best example of a brave mix of Doge adoration and potty humor.

Remember that in this digital Wild West, the only rule is that there are no rules (especially when it comes to giving your digital doubloons names!). So enjoy the nonsense and find out what you like.

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