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Institutions like crypto exchanges usually form the top holders of coins like Shiba Inu, considering the amount of assets they have under management. That is why it is always eye-catching when private wallets form part of the top rich list of a particular crypto token. 

This happens to be the case of Shiba Inu (SHIB) where six private holders are part of the top 10 holders of the memecoin. Interestingly, the largest holder of the SHIB tokens in circulation happens to be a private holder.  

Who The Top 5 Individual Shiba Inu Wallets Are According to data from Etherscan, the top private holder among SHIB’s holders is a wallet (0xf3B007) that holds over 42 trillion SHIB ($452 million), accounting alone for 4.3% of the meme coin’s maximum total supply, which stands at over 999 trillion SHIB. There is no indication of who this wallet might belong to.

However, the owner of this wallet is no doubt bullish on the meme coin, as there have been lots of significant inflows into the wallet for some time now. Bitcoinist had recently reported how Shiba Inu whales were exiting their holdings from exchanges, and this wallet could well account for a huge percentage of those exits. 

The second largest SHIB private holder is a contract address (0x422193), which holds 13.6 trillion SHIB ($144 million), accounting for almost 1.4% of the token’s maximum total supply. Interestingly, this wallet was dormant until recently, when there was an outflow of 1 million SHIB.

The third (0xF28d22), fourth (0x99c140), and fifth (0x319871) top private wallets all respectively hold just over 10 trillion SHIB, each accounting for 1% of the meme coin’s total supply. Another private wallet (0x5Ee8E7) completes the top 10 rich list with a holding of just over 10 trillion SHIB. 

SHIB bulls hold bears at bay | Source: SHIBUSD on Non-Private Wallets In The Top 10 Shiba Inu Rich List A Shiba Inu (SHIB) burn wallet forms part of the top 10 list, with over 410 trillion SHIB sent to this address so far. It is worth mentioning that the wallet isn’t factored in, though, when considering the largest SHIB holders since crypto tokens sent to that address are wiped out of circulation. 

In recent times, the largest inflows into the wallet have come from the Shiba Inu Deployer wallet, which sends some of the transaction fees made from the Shibarium network. This forms part of the Shibarium team’s commitment to the SHIB burn initiative. 

Notably, trading platform Robinhood also makes the top 10 list. Robinhood holds over 20 trillion SHIB tokens, accounting for 2% of the crypto token’s total supply. This would suggest that the platform has a considerable amount of SHIB investors, as these assets are likely under management. 

The largest crypto exchange, Binance, is the only other exchange in the top 10 list. There are two separate Binance wallets on the list, with each holding over 38 trillion and 30 trillion SHIB tokens, respectively.  

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