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Shiba Inu made the headlines in 2022 when it announced a partnership with Italian fast-food restaurant Welly’s. Since then, the partnership has waxed stronger with the community showing strong support for the restaurant. Following the successful and long-running partnership, the Shiba Inu partner has teased another big announcement.

In a November 26 post, the Welly restaurant business developer who goes by @pb5_five on X (formerly Twitter) stirred up excitement in the community after a cryptic tweet suggesting a big partnership is coming up.

The post featured a picture of football players wearing jerseys with Welly listed underneath their jersey numbers. This sparked speculations across the community that the big announcement had to do with the Italian restaurant becoming a sponsor for a football team.

More specifically, rumors spread that the restaurant was going to announce that it is becoming an official sponsor for the Napoli youth team when PB responded yes to a question asking if it was Napoli. Naturally, this sparked enthusiasm among community supporters who expect such a partnership to trigger more exposure.

PB’s tweet itself didn’t do much to allay the rumors which read “we’re cooking up something big with a focus for  the local community.”

Temper Your Expectations As the community ran with the expectations of a collaboration with the Napoli youth team, PB has come forward to ask the community to temper their expectations. He addressed the rumors, notifying the community that the collaboration that is going to be announced is not actually the one that the community expects.

However, not killing the hype, PB explained that the announcement was still worth the enthusiasm and asked community members to remain optimistic. “ We are working on something great locally. It’s not the collaboration that has been circulating in the rumors, but you can remain optimistically enthusiastic and wait for us to share it,” PB said.

Welly’s remains one of the most prominent partnerships that the Shiba Inu team has made in recent times. The restaurant carries a SHIB theme where users are also able to pay using the meme cryptocurrency, giving it a real-world use case.

The Welly Friends X (formerly Twitter) account has also grown rapidly since the collaboration was announced. It currently boasts over 50,000 followers and has launched its own chicken-themed merchandise.

SHIB jumps above $0.000008 | Source: SHIBUSD on Featured image from Binance, chart from

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