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The Shiba Inu community, also known as the SHIB army, is buzzing with excitement following a recent revelation from SHIB’s pseudonymous lead developer Shytoshi Kusama regarding the team’s plan to boost the project’s ecosystem.

Shiba Inu Lead Dev Says Its Time To Level Shytoshi Kusama took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) hours ago to share information about the project’s prospects with the Shiba Inu community. In the X post, the lead dev declared that the time has come for Shiba Inu to “showcase its true power.” At first, Kusama mentioned that Shiba Inu had made new acquaintances, with which he would be having a “full-day meeting” today.

This suggests that the project might be looking forward to increasing investor value by pursuing upmarket collaborations. Additionally, Kusama then reminded the SHIB community of how the project has progressed thus far with incredibly limited funding. 

“Do not forget, we have done this thus far with very little budget, and almost no marketing,” he stated. As a result, the time has come for the team to level up and reveal the Shiba Inu’s true power. 

A level-up GIF was posted with Kusama’s message, which may indicate that Shiba Inu might be getting ready to launch its marketing campaign and usher in more users in the ecosystem.

The revelation came amidst SHIB experiencing a significant uptick today, taking the price to the $0.00002614 threshold. As of the time of writing, Shiba Inu was up by over 170% in the past 7 days, trading at the aforementioned price.

So far, Kusama has urged the SHIB army to ignore any fud at the moment, noting that the team is still just getting started. “It is obvious that someone does not have your or the community’s best interests at heart if you come across anyone that is fuding in the last three days or so,” he stated.

Furthermore, he noted that these people are probably trying to divert the community‘s attention and thwart the project’s goals while referencing a particular passage in the Holy Bible (Matthew 7: 15 – 20).

Kusama has also urged those who have met his gaze and are still uncertain about him and the team to have faith in them and keep an eye out. This is because the team is “just getting started and these people (fudders) are too busy to see it.”

New Era Of Security And Privacy For Web3 According to the project’s marketing lead, Lucie, Shiba Inu has ushered in a “new era of privacy and security for Web3.” The action solidifies its standing as a trailblazer in the Web3 space and sets a new standard for data security among cryptocurrencies.

It aims at prioritizing users’ protection first and takes technical leadership to meet this urgent demand. Thus, putting user safety first raises the standard for responsible management in a rising decentralized financial structure.

SHIB trading at $0.00002659 on the 1D chart | Source SHIBUSDT on Featured image from iStock, chart from

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