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Shytoshi Kusama, the anonymous Lead Developer for Shiba Inu, has shed more light on the future of SHIB and how the team intends to fulfill Shiba Inu founder Ryoshi’s vision in a foundational blog post dubbed Shibarium: The Foundational blog.

Shiba Inu Lead Developer On Founder’s Vision The lead dev started off by highlighting some details about the decentralized nature of Shiba Inu in the blog post. However, more information on the project’s decentralized nature can be found in the Final Worldpaper. 

In the blog post, Shytoshi Kusama noted that the founder’s initial vision can be narrowed down to a simple mission of using Shiba Inu to save the world. However, the lead dev stated that the structural designs for fulfilling Ryoshi’s vision are complete and already on their way to being implemented.

According to Shytoshi, the completed structural design is the final phase. He stated that the phase will enable a deep dive into Ryoshi’s vision and the procedures involved so that we can all be aligned.

He further added that the phase is a lengthy discussion that, in full, comprises hundreds of pages in the completed version of the Worldpaper. However, he decided to fractionize the lengthy discussion in several blog posts amidst the Summer of Shibarium.

Following the blog post, Shytoshi pointed out a need for Shiba Inu to have a self-governing structure that has DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and a Cayman Foundation in order to fulfill the founder’s vision properly.

It is no surprise that the team has chosen to implement the Cayman Foundation. Since the emergence of the Cayman Islands Foundation, it has been one of the most popular DAO incorporations, because of its progressive pro-crypto laws.

This way, the DAOs will be making the decisions on several topics, while the foundation will be responsible for carrying out the decisions of the DAO.

Four DAOs To Govern The Structural System The lead dev also asserted that the team will be implementing the SHIB doggy DAO foundation as a way to show the world they mean business. In addition, four distinct coins that comprise the Shiba Inu Ecosystem will each represent the governance of the full system. Through the DAOs, the team hopes to guarantee that members of the Shiba Inu community are provided with equal rights. 

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The four distinct tokens are listed below:

SHIB: The token will be responsible for governing the community.

BONE: The token will be responsible for governing and powering the community’s technology.

LEASH: The Doge Killer token will be responsible for governing the community’s protection as well as offering exclusivity.

TREAT: The token will govern and empower the community’s projects.

SHIB currently traded at $0.0000082 | Source: SHIBUSDT on The introduction of DAOs over the years has brought about a DAO legal wrapper. This was created in response to the need for a legal framework that offers members protection, financial security, and governance capabilities.

In closing, Shytoshi hinted at the SHIB’s sponsorship of the Blockchain Futurist Conference, Eth Toronto, and Eth Women. However, he asserted that more details about the sponsorship will be released at a later date.

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