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Shiba Inu’s lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, has once again sparked the curiosity of the SHIB community with a cryptic post on his X (formerly Twitter) platform. There are some indications that his post could be alluding to a potential partnership on the horizon. 

What Kusama’s Cryptic Post Could Mean Kusama’s post, which only contained a ‘handshake’ emoji, could suggest that Shiba Inu (SHIB) or the Shibarium network is working on or has sealed a significant partnership. The partnership speculation is fuelled by the fact that Kusama had reposted an X post by Shiba Inu’s Marketing Lucie before he also made his cryptic post. 

In Lucie’s post, she alluded to the connection between SHIB and Shibarium. Notably, there was a ‘chain’ emoji close to the word “SHIB,” which could be an allusion to Shiba Inu’s native decentralized exchange (DEX) ShibaSwap and its migration to Shibarium. 

Lucie had also previously hinted that ShibaSwap 2.0 could happen in 2024. Therefore, there is the possibility that this was what Kusama was referring to when he posted the handshake emoji, suggesting the merge of the DEX into the layer-2 network. 

The relation between Kusama and Lucie’s post is not farfetched considering that it is a known fact that Lucie is well aware of plans that the development team has for the ecosystem. 

In her most recent X post, Lucie mentioned how “a lot of work” has been happening in the background with ShibaSwap. According to her, the team is about updating the DEX’s website so it can host capabilities for liquidity providers and transactions on Shibarium. With this in mind, there could be a major announcement from the team soon enough. 

Meanwhile, Kusama’s cryptic post could also involve a partnership that revolves around the BONE token. Shortly after the developer’s post, Lucie also released another post in which she mentioned the dog token and used a ‘handshake’ emoji too, just like Kusama did. She further elaborated on BONE’s importance in the ecosystem in a subsequent post. 

SHIB price at $0.00001 | Source: SHIBUSD on Shiba Inu Team To Help Out In Japan In his New Year’s message to the SHIB community, Kusama also sent his condolences to those in Japan who were affected by the earthquake that rocked the country. Now, he and the team are looking to do more for these victims. 

In a more recent X post, the Shiba Inu lead developer mentioned that they plan to “coordinate ideas” with the Japanese community in the near future. He made this post in reference to his New Year’s message, where he spoke about the tragedy. 

While he didn’t elaborate further on what these plans may be, it could involve the team sending relief funds through the SHIB community in the country. The SHIB token is known to have a huge following in the country partly due to the fact that it is named after the ancient Japanese dog breed. 

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