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Ripple’s Chief Executive Officer, Brad Garlinghouse has recently revealed that they are not XRP maximalists while sharing valuable insights on the significant role that XRP plays in the company’s broader business strategy and its extensive cryptocurrency operations. 

Ripple CEO’s Emphasis On Ripple Being Centered Around XRP In an interview on Thursday, with Metaco Talks’s host Adrien Treccani, Brad expressed his optimism about the company being solely centered around XRP. 

The CEO affirmed that the digital asset is highly efficient for several use cases, which include cross-border payments and remittances. But despite the company possessing a lot of XRP, they are definitely not maximalists of the cryptocurrency, noting that there is a place for several other digital assets such as Bitcoin. 

“We own a lot of XRP, and we think XRP is extremely efficient for many use cases, not all use cases. We definitely are not maximalists: we think that there’s a place for Bitcoin; there’s a place for a lot of other tokens and different use cases,” Brad stated.

It is important to note that Ripple has demonstrated that it does not hold a maximalist view on the crypto asset because it supports other digital assets in its payment services. The company now supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), and  Ethereum (ETH), and stablecoins USDT and USDC in its Liquidity Hub product – a product that aims to manage and source liquidity across the digital asset ecosystem.

Brad added that the company’s scope extends way beyond XRP, noting that the digital asset is an open-source digital asset with a decentralized validator network. Additionally, the company neither has control over the XRP code nor the validator network.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the company is now identified as an enterprise infrastructure company that focuses on blockchain technology, targeting the financial institutions market and other large enterprises. Through its infrastructure-focused approach, the company hopes to make it easier for blockchain technology to be integrated into a variety of businesses.

Token price clears $0.35 resistance | Source: XRPUSD on Ripple’s technology provides a solution that bridges divisions. Transnational money transfers with low barriers to entry represent a revolutionary step toward a more interconnected and economically equitable society.

This significant step marks pivotal growth for the company, placing the company as a force in the blockchain space that creates a bridge between traditional financial institutions and the new world of digital assets.

So far, Brad Garlinghouse’s interview with Metaco talks has gained interest and raised discussions among XRP enthusiasts. A lot of community members have taken to social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) to share short clips of the interview.

Brad Garlinghouse’s Optimism About Bitcoin In the Interview, the CEO also expressed his optimism about Bitcoin (BTC). Brad believes that the digital asset’s limitations hinder it from transforming the monetary system.

“As much as I’m bullish about Bitcoin, I’m not sure I see that transforming the monetary system,” Brad stated.

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