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Steven Nerayoff, one of the earliest advisors for Ethereum, has reacted to a social media post accusing him of fraud and exploitation. The defamatory accusation was posted by a user who goes by the name Cryptoking on social media platform X in July as part of a story on his failed crypto project. However, Nerayoff has reiterated his position on the accusation, calling it “very libelous” and entirely fabricated. 

Origin Of The Defamatory Social Media Post The post by Jake Greenbaum, also known as Cryptoking, was recently unearthed after almost four months as a reaction to a discussion on another thread. Another account, @Whalechart, posted on social media platform X about Nerayoff’s plans to share proof of Ethereum founders’ fraud activities in the early days of Ethereum. However, Cryptoking refuted Nerayoff’s legitimacy, calling him the biggest fraud he’s ever worked with. 

“He took $250,000 from me to “list” a project on Bittrex. I have txt messages going back to 2017 regarding this,” Cryptoking said.

Nerayoff seemed to not have taken this latest accusation lightly. In his response on the same thread, the attorney called Cryptoking a shill being paid to disgrace his name. He also went further by threatening to sue Cryptoking and expose all his fraudulent activities with enough proof. 

“You think you have evidence wait until you see mine. I don’t just play on Twitter I like courts,” Nerayoff replied.

Nerayoff would then go ahead to share the original post on his own timeline. In the post, Cryptoking detailed how his first crypto project lost $1 million in capital. According to him, he wanted to start a truly anonymous cryptocurrency and paid Steven Nerayoff $250,000 in consultation fees for a listing on the crypto exchange Bittrex, among many other things that led to the project failing. 

Cryptoking claims that he would later get to know that Nerayoff was taking advantage of new projects in order to receive listing fees, while only fulfilling a small portion of them. As a result, he was arrested and jailed, in reference to the criminal extortion charges against the attorney. 

It’s important to note these extortion charges have been dismissed by a US Judge as federal prosecutors were unable to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt. Nerayoff has also always taken the stance that the charges were fabricated by the SEC, FBI, and the DOJ in an effort to discredit him.  

Ethereum Whistleblower Plans to Pursue Legal Action In response, Nerayoff plans to pursue legal action against Cryptoking for spreading misinformation. The attorney also wrote a note of warning to anyone who is planning on spreading lies about him. 

I found the initial hit piece that was literally fabricated. As you can see it’s very libelous & he wrote it thinking I was in prison lol. This is just a warning to others who want to get paid to lie about me I’ll expose & sue. Here is what he posted. See you in court. 👨‍⚖️

— Steven Nerayoff (@StevenNerayoff) November 19, 2023

Nerayoff remains focused on the creation of what he termed Crypto 2.0, a reboot of the entire crypto industry. 

Crypto 2.0 – The Reboot

Crypto Promise: Massive wealth “creation” for the masses where the Establishment cannot control masses.

Crypto Reality: Massive wealth “transfer” from the masses where the Establishment uses it to control masses.

Crypto Solution: It’s corroded at its…

— Steven Nerayoff (@StevenNerayoff) November 18, 2023

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