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Popular dog-themed meme coin Dogecoin, has recently achieved a new milestone by getting officially listed on one of India’s top cryptocurrency exchanges.

On Thursday, January 18, Indian cryptocurrency exchange Flitpay announced Dogecoin as the new addition to its extensive portfolio of cryptocurrencies. The news was communicated via the crypto exchange’s official X (formerly Twitter) account.

According to Flitpay, users can now make deposits and withdrawals using Dogecoin’s native DOGE token on its platform. This move underscores the growing acceptance and recognition of Dogecoin in the cryptocurrency market. 

Additionally, the crypto exchange has introduced an exclusive incentive for new users aiming to trade and utilize Dogecoin for daily transactions. As highlighted in the post, Flitpay is offering a 1% assured bonus along with a deposit reclaim for users who make a DOGE deposit on the platform. The crypto exchange is also providing a reward of 20 DOGE each to 10 winners on X. 

While DOGE remains the latest entrant in Flitpay’s portfolio, it has not been the only cryptocurrency to join the expanding array of digital assets available on the Indian crypto exchange. On Wednesday, Flitpay announced the addition of Tron (TRX) on its platform as well as several new trading pairs earlier this week. The crypto exchange also included exclusive incentives for Tron users similar to Dogecoin.  

Presently, Flitpay’s ongoing efforts to continually diversify its portfolio underline its commitment to prioritizing user preferences and providing a diverse range of cryptocurrencies for daily trading activities. Beyond enhancing its offerings, Dogecoin’s new listing on Flitpay has the potential to open up new opportunities for a possible price increase as the cryptocurrency enters a new market. 

At present, India’s population, which stands at over 1.4 billion, can now have access to complete and convenient access to DOGE, taking advantage of the meme-inspired cryptocurrency’s mainstream appeal for trading and transactional activities. 

DOGE price struggles at $0.078 | Source: DOGEUSD on Dogecoin Price Action Dogecoin, one of the most popular meme coins influenced by the ‘Elon Musk effect’, has been experiencing disappointing price action recently. Unlike altcoins like Solana and Ethereum which witnessed a substantial price rally from late 2023 to 2024 presently, Dogecoin has struggled to achieve notable gains to drive its price higher.

The cryptocurrency previously saw a major decline in early December 2023 and has since maintained a bearish trend, marking a monthly drop of 13.55% and a weekly decrease of 7.43%, according to CoinMarketCap. 

At the time of writing, DOGE is trading at $0.0782, hovering around a critical level. The possibility of a bullish momentum hinges on whether the cryptocurrency can breach its critical position. Conversely, Dogecoin could instigate further declines if it fails to overcome its present resistance.

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