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Dogecoin is notorious for receiving support and endorsements from the most unlikely places and this has not changed. Aside from appearing on the Tesla page alongside many payment integrations with major players, the meme coin seems to have made its way now to Apple’s mobile devices commonly known as the iPhone.

Apple Adds DOGE Symbol To The iPhone The Dogecoin Ð symbol recently made an iconic comeback after billionaire Elon Musk added it to his X (formerly Twitter) bio earlier in 2023. The symbol remains on Musk’s profile alongside the now widely known X symbol. But the Ð symbol has now made its way into iPhones.

DOGE community member who goes by @TeslaModelDoge on X (formerly Twitter) first brought this to the attention of the community on Monday. They revealed that the DOGE Ð symbol had been embedded in the iPhone keyboard in the most recent iOS17 upgrade. “The Ð for Ðogecoin is now embedded in the Apple keyboard for iOS17,” the account said.



The Ð for Ðogecoin is now embedded in the Apple keyboard for iOS17 📱

Ð for $DOGE 🐕


— Tesla Model Ðoge (@TeslaModelDoge) December 4, 2023

To get this symbol, iPhone users have to press and hold down the D button on their iPhone keyboards and the symbol pops up. Following the initial post, DOGE community members came out in their numbers to confirm that they were actually seeing the Dogecoin Ð symbol on their keyboards, with one user calling it the “best upgrade yet.”

However, it seems this is not only limited to iPhones as some Android users have also confirmed that they are able to see the symbol on their phones as well. Although they did not specify the make and model of the phones which they could see it on.

DOGE price recovers above $0.1 | Source: DOGEUSD On Dogecoin Makes Play After Play Interestingly, this is not the only major news that has emerged for Dogecoin in the last few months. The mission that is carrying a physical DOGE coin to the moon is set to take off this month and it will be the first cryptocurrency to land on the moon.

Another space mission, the DOGE-1 mission, funded entirely in Dogecoin has also received approval from the NTIA. This marks the first major step that will see the first space mission funded entirely in cryptocurrency to take place.

In addition to these, Dogecoin has also appeared more than 50 times on the source code for the Tesla CyberTruck page. This has sparked speculation that the automobile manufacturer may be getting ready to accept DOGE payments.

All of these developments have propelled the DOGE price, which rose as high as $0.092 this week. As the DOGE missions get closer to becoming a reality, it is expected that the meme coin’s price will continue to rise.

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