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Circle, the entity behind the prominent crypto stablecoin USDC, announced its decision to discontinue its association with the TRON blockchain yesterday. This cessation of USDC operations on TRON, effective immediately, will stop the minting of new USDC tokens on TRON, though transfers and redemptions will be facilitated until February 2025.

The surprising announcement led to rampant speculation regarding the motivations behind Circle’s decision. In a detailed exposé shared on X (formerly Twitter), on-chain sleuth TruthLabs (@BoringSleuth) has offered a deep dive into the underlying reasons, citing extensive research into TRON’s past, its founder Justin Sun, and their activities on and off the blockchain.

‘Real’ Reason For The Crypto Breakup Between USDC And Tron TruthLabs’ report begins with an eye-opening revelation about TRON’s ICO and the distribution of its TRX tokens. “Back in August of 2023, I took a look at Tron’s ICO, the DAO Blockchain founded by Justin Sun. In this thread, I revealed that Justin Sun owned 17 of the top 20 TRX wallets, accounting for over 98% of the entire token Supply,” TruthLabs stated, highlighting concerns about centralization and potential manipulation within the TRON ecosystem.

The report further delves into the connection between these wallets and a network associated with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which is involved in significant cryptocurrency-related frauds and the laundering of proceeds from illegal activities. “One of their wallets was a Genesis wallet, receiving 133,7000 $ETH from ETH’s ICO in 2014/15.”

Moreover, the researcher claims that “over $3 billion in BTC on TRON went missing from a Contract that was last active on 11/11/2022, the day FTX went bust,” highlighting another suspicious case of potential fraud by Tron founder Justin Sun.

The implications of such findings are vast, with TruthLabs suggesting that the potential for financial impropriety, such as the creation of unbacked USDT by Sun to be swapped for USDC, could be a contributing factor to Circle’s decision to distance itself from TRON. “What if Justin Sun, the number one Minter of USDT, decides to print $3M in unbacked USDT, swap them out for backed USDC, and use that to make his unbacked holdings whole again?” posed TruthLabs, highlighting the risks involved.

The investigation also points to Sun’s and TRON’s connections to the CCP and entities like the cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, further exacerbating concerns. “Another good reason to get away from Tron and Justin Sun is their ties to the CCP… Lots of familiar CCP faces, like Longling Capital, Wanxiang, Binance Dev’s, Hashkey, and more,” TruthLabs noted, emphasizing the depth of these associations.

Circle’s strategic move to end its association with TRON is thus portrayed as a critical step towards ensuring its survival and success, especially in light of its public offering ambitions. As Bitcoinist reported, Circle confidentially filed for an IPO in the United States in January.

“Distancing themselves by discontinuing their business on TRON is critical to their survival, and critical if they seek to improve their chances of approval when it is time to go Public,” TruthLabs concluded.

These revelations have the potential to spark a significant discussion within the crypto community. However, neither Circle nor Justin Sun has yet commented on these claims. As the situation unfolds, the impact of Circle’s decision on TRON, USDC, and the broader stablecoin market remains a topic of keen interest and speculation.

At press time, Tron (TRX) traded at $0.1395.

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