XRP Whale Takes Advantage Of Price Dip To Accumulate 410 Million Tokens | Bitcoinist.com

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As the price of XRP has dipped over the last few days, bearish sentiment once again took hold of the community. However, not everyone seems to have succumbed to this negative sentiment as one whale has chosen this as a perfect time to buy a large number of tokens. Whale Goes On $201 Million Shopping […]

This Is Why The XRP Price Fell To $0.50 | Bitcoinist.com

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The XRP price saw a good run through the weekend into the new month of October, and as the likes of Bitcoin surged, XRP bulls pushed the price above $0.54. However, as the euphoria subsided, the altcoin saw a drawdown that brought it back down to the $0.50 level once again. So, what was behind […]