Shiba Inu Whale Moves 1.7 Trillion SHIB As Price Struggles, Where Are They Headed? |

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The crypto community’s attention has been drawn to a Shiba Inu whale that recently moved trillions of the meme coin. Given the magnitude of these transactions, community members have sought to discover where these tokens were transferred and the motive behind them. On-chain data shows that the whale (crypto trading platform Robinhood) moved 1.7 trillion […]

Shiba Inu On-Chain Metric Sees Meteoric Rise Amid Surging Burn Rates |

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Shiba Inu is still at the forefront of crypto investors’ minds, especially large investors, as shown by the notable rise in their activity over the last week. This development also comes at a time when there has been a noted increase in the SHIB burn, and both of these developments could work hand in hand […]

This Is Why The XRP Price Fell To $0.50 |

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The XRP price saw a good run through the weekend into the new month of October, and as the likes of Bitcoin surged, XRP bulls pushed the price above $0.54. However, as the euphoria subsided, the altcoin saw a drawdown that brought it back down to the $0.50 level once again. So, what was behind […]