A Flaw On Ethereum’s Geth Will Be Devastating For Lido Finance

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A Rocket Pool advocate has warned of the potentially catastrophic consequences of a bug in Geth, a top Ethereum validator client. The analyst is concerned that over-reliance on the client, especially by top protocols, notably Lido Finance, poses a significant centralization risk that could “negatively impact reliability and stability.” Over-Reliance On Ethereum’s Geth Is Very […]

Lido Breaks Ties With Solana: SOL Staking Support Ends October 16 | Bitcoinist.com

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Lido (LDO) on Solana (SOL), a prominent protocol within the Solana ecosystem, has recently decided to discontinue its operations over the coming months.  The announcement follows extensive discussions within the Lido decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) community and subsequent voting by token holders, resulting in the approval of the sunsetting process. Lido On Solana Announces Sunset […]

Ethereum Staking Momentum Falling, What’s Going On?

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The number of Ethereum (ETH) holders choosing to stake, effectively locking their coins in the smart contracts platform, is falling. According to CryptoQuant data, as of August 23, the staking inflow total stood at 30,656, down from 404,704 registered on June 1.  Ethereum Staking Inflow Dropping, But There Are Over 813,000 Active Validators The staking […]