US Congressman Demands Investigation Into Crypto’s Alleged Use In Terrorism Financing |

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Tom Emmer, a United States Congressman, sought specific explanations on claims regarding the alleged use of crypto to finance terrorism reports during a House Financial Services Committee hearing held on Wednesday. Cryptocurrencies Are Not A Tool For Terrorists In the court hearing, the Congressman asked the US Department of Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial […]

Crypto Terror Funding: Elliptic Uncovers The Real Extent

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Crypto terrorism funding is at the focus of analysts today as concerns have been raised about the use of digital assets in funding militant organizations, with a particular focus on Hamas. However, blockchain forensics firm Elliptic is challenging the notion that crypto has played a significant role in terrorist financing, emphasizing the misrepresentation of recent […]

Fall In Bitcoin Donations To Hamas, What Mainstream Media Overlooked About Crypto |

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Following the events in Israel, mainstream media has pointed out the alleged connection between Bitcoin and crypto with Hamas. The terrorist group has been using digital assets to raise money globally, but the situation is complex and sheds light on the indirect use cases of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Not A Tool, But A Weapon Against Terrorists? […]

Israel Attack Could Spark Interest In Gold, Cryptocurrencies, And Safe-Haven Assets

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Investors are keeping a close eye on the situation in Israel following a surprise attack launched early Saturday by Hamas – the militant group that controls the Gaza Strip, a heavily populated coastal Palestinian territory – because of the possible geopolitical risks it could pose to global financial markets. The Israel-Hamas conflict is a protracted and […]