Blockchain Adoption: CitiBank Trials Tokenization Of Private Equity Funds On Avalanche |

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CitiBank, one of the world’s largest banks, has successfully conducted a simulation demonstrating the tokenization of a private equity fund on the Avalanche blockchain network, specifically using Avalanche’s Layer 1 Spruce subnet.  Interestingly, this development has the potential to accelerate the adoption of distributed ledger technology in the financial industry, particularly on Wall Street. Blockchain […]

Why Is Robert Kiyosaki Saying ‘BYE BYE’ To Bitcoin?

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Renowned author Robert Kiyosaki, best known for his book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has sparked a debate within the cryptocurrency and financial communities with his recent musings on the future of Bitcoin (BTC) and the US dollar. Kiyosaki’s contemplation arose in response to an announcement by Citibank regarding their foray into blockchain technology. Citibank, a […]