Did This Bitcoin On-Chain Metric Predict Recovery Early?

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On-chain data indicates that Bitcoin had retested a historically relevant line right before the latest recovery had come. Bitcoin Adjusted SOPR Retested The 1.0 Level Prior To Recovery When Bitcoin was declining, the cryptocurrency had dropped to a low of $60,600, which appears to have been the bottom, at least so far, given that the […]

Bitcoin Breaks Above $65,000, Here’s A Reason Why

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Bitcoin has just broken above the $65,000 level. Here’s a possible reason that may be contributing to this fresh bullish momentum in the asset. Bitcoin Has Edged Further Closer To A New High With Its Latest Break After consolidating near the $62,000 mark for a few days, Bitcoin has finally witnessed some uptrend in the […]

Bitcoin Rips Past $62,000, But Is Activity Justifying Rally?

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In an extraordinary run, Bitcoin has managed to go as high as $64,000, but is this rally justified? Here’s what on-chain data suggests. Bitcoin On-Chain Activity-Related Metrics Are All Up Right Now In a new post on X, the on-chain analytics firm Santiment has discussed how the on-chain activity has been looking like for Bitcoin […]

Bitcoin Surge To $37,000 Flushes $134 Million In Shorts

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Data shows a huge amount of liquidations have occurred on the crypto futures market today following Bitcoin’s sharp surge toward $37,000. Crypto Futures Market Has Registered Mass Liquidations During Past Day A futures contract is said to be “liquidated” when the derivative exchange with which it’s open forcefully closes it up due to the position […]

Bitcoin Surge To $28,400 Triggers $110M Crypto Futures Flush

Bitcoin, Bitcoin futures, bitcoin liquidations, Bitcoin News, Bitcoin surge, btc, btcusd, crypto futures, crypto liquidations

Data shows the Bitcoin rally above the $28,400 level has triggered $110 million in liquidations across the cryptocurrency futures market. Bitcoin Rally Leads To Mass Liquidation Event In Futures Market During the past day or so, Bitcoin has rapidly increased, as its price has gone from the $27,000 mark to above the $28,000 level. This […]