Avalanche Joins Cosmos Via IBC, Is This Super Bullish For DeFi?

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Avalanche, a high throughput blockchain using the Snow Protocol for consensus, is joining Cosmos, according to the latest Interchain Foundation (ICF) update on October 31. Interchain Foundation, the non-profit organization that stewards the Cosmos ecosystem, revealed that the Landslide Network, a platform bridging IBC-enabled platform to Avalanche, is developing a light client on Avalanche. This client […]

Ethereum And Cosmos Compatible With A City, South Korea Wants To Make It Happen

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A local report confirmed that Busan, the second most populous city in South Korea, plans to use the Ethereum and Cosmos for its project “Blockchain City.” The Asian city has been developing its blockchain capabilities for a while and plans to double down on its efforts. South Korea’s Blockchain City To Operate On Ethereum And […]