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Robert Kiyosaki, the author renowned for his best-selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” has identified Bitcoin as a real-world asset, urging investors and the broader crypto community to shift their focus from stock investments and prioritize accumulating Bitcoin. 

Buy More Bitcoin Before It’s Too Late In a recent X (formerly Twitter) post, Kiyosaki advised investors to focus on stacking up more Bitcoin now more than ever. Citing the dilemma China’s stock market currently faces, the finance expert has suggested that investors seize the opportunity to buy as much Bitcoin as they can afford before “the biggest bubble in history goes bust.”

Kiyosaki has claimed that China is in “trouble” because the government had borrowed funds to buy more stocks to potentially inflate the stock market artificially and stabilize the country’s economic challenges. The finance author criticized China’s decision, labeling it as a “Foolish” and “Desperate” attempt. 

According to the author, the problem’s root lies in a global decline in consumer spending. He advised against investing in stocks and bonds at this pivotal time, arguing that the stock market was set to crash and the current economic situation was not conducive for traditional investments.

Instead, he recommends investing in real assets such as gold, silver and Bitcoin, which are historically considered safe havens in times of economic uncertainty. 

Supporting the declaration to buy more BTC, popular crypto analyst and BTC enthusiast, Michael van de Poppe agreed to Kiyosaki’s advice, albeit with a time limit of two years. Poppe revealed that following the anticipated crypto bubble, typically debt collapses and liquidity flows back into the dollar and other fiat currencies.

This scenario often leads to a currency devaluation and a subsequent rise in the stock market. He suggests that investors capitalize on Bitcoin’s current bullish momentum by acquiring more of the cryptocurrency. However, he also underscored the value of diversifying investments into the stock market as Bitcoin’s bullish trends fade. 

Finance Guru Praises BTC’s Fixed Supply In another X post, Kiyosaki lauded praises for Bitcoin, describing the cryptocurrency as a unique investment opportunity due to its fixed supply. As a popular Bitcoin advocate, Kiyosaki is renowned for his preference for investing in tangible assets such as gold, silver and BTC. 

According to the finance guru, there were certain drawbacks involved in investing in gold and silver, noting that as the prices of these assets grow, their supply also increases. However, the reverse was the case for Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency has a predetermined maximum supply of 21 million coins. 

This scarcity is a key factor driving Kiyosaki’s appreciation for the world’s largest cryptocurrency, as it implies that no matter how high the price of Bitcoin goes, the total supply will remain limited.

BTC price at $64,500 | Source: BTCUSD on Featured image from Forbes, chart from

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