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Renowned crypto analyst Miles Deutscher has presented his predictions for the cryptocurrency market in 2024. Following a reflective look at his past forecasts, Deutscher shared a thread on X, outlining what he believes will be the key trends and shifts in the crypto sphere for the coming year.

Deutscher began his revelation by acknowledging the mixed accuracy of his previous predictions for 2023. He candidly remarked, “Exactly one year ago, at the outset of 2023, I published a thread outlining my crypto predictions for the year. Looking back, I got a lot right – but also a lot wrong.” He highlighted his successful predictions for Coinbase, SOL, and BTC while admitting to miscalculations regarding ETH and being overly pessimistic about the market’s first half in 2023.

In his 2024 outlook, Deutscher highlighted what he believes will be a record year for crypto airdrops. “With LayerZero, zkSync, Manta, Linea, Wormhole, Cosmos eco, and many more major airdrops drawing near, I’m expecting some massive airdrops this year,” he remarked, underlining the potential opportunities and magnitude of these events.

Turning to Ethereum, Deutscher predicts a significant rebound against Bitcoin. This sentiment, he suggests, will be fueled by developments like the ETH ETF and the Dencun upgrade. “Many are fading it, but I believe it will take people by surprise,” he noted, indicating a strong conviction in Ethereum’s potential resurgence.

Addressing the regulatory landscape, Deutscher anticipates a resurgence in regulatory pressures. While recent developments like the spot ETF and Binance settlement have temporarily eased regulatory fears, he expects agencies like the SEC to intensify their oversight efforts within the year.

Discussing Bitcoin’s trajectory, Deutscher anticipates a notable price dip. “BTC will drop 20% sometime during the year (likely first half). Although I’m expecting 2024 to follow a positive trajectory overall, it will have its rocky moments too,” he cautioned, advising investors to maintain their conviction through these fluctuations.

The crypto gaming sector is poised for a significant breakthrough, according to Deutscher. Years of development and substantial funding are expected to culminate in the release of crypto gaming’s first blockbuster title, which he believes will validate the sector’s potential and pave the way for increased interest. “Crypto gaming is ready for its first hit game,” Deutscher predicts.

AI, Cosmos, And Bitcoin Ordinals Highlighting the convergence of AI and crypto, Deutscher sees substantial growth and major token launches in the AI crypto sector. “It’s a narrative that retail (importantly) can understand + has many exciting use cases which are yet to be explored,” he observed, pointing to the sector’s broad appeal and untapped potential.

In his predictions, Deutscher also emphasizes the growing importance of Cosmos in the crypto ecosystem and the ongoing relevance of modularity and parallelization in blockchain scaling. Lesser known projects like Celestia and Manta (modularity) as well as Monad and Eclipse (parallelization) are expected to see significant growth in adoption and utilization.

With regard to Bitcoin Ordinals, Deutscher expects it to emerge as one of the year’s top narratives, remarking, “We’re still super early here, but throughout the year I expect BRC-20 to feature as one of the strongest performing narratives.”

Concluding his predictions, the crypto analyst anticipates a shift in trading volumes from centralized exchanges to decentralized ones, driven by regulatory changes, improved user experiences, and enhanced liquidity.

Looking ahead, Deutscher expressed both excitement and caution for the year to come. “It’s set to be an exciting (and no doubt volatile) year, with tonnes of new trends emerging. I’m looking forward to coming back in a year’s time and reviewing these predictions!”

At press time, ETH traded at $2,415, up 5.8% in the last 24 hours.

ETH price hovers below the 0.382 Fib, 1-day chart | Source: ETHUSD on Featured image from iStock, chart from

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