LUNC And USTC On The Verge Of Rally? Community Debuts Game-Changing Revival Proposal |

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The Terra Classic community has proposed a new upgrade that could see the reawakening of the ecosystem’s tokens LUNC and USTC. The upgrade, aimed at improving Terra Luna Classic’s overall functionality, will introduce advanced solutions and security features into its ecosystem.  About The Upgrade Proposal A prominent LUNC developer, Till “Fragwuerdig” Ziegler has recently submitted […]

Binance May Be The Major Catalyst Behind LUNC Rally, Here’s Why |

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The LUNC token has been one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies in the market and Binance may be one of the major factors driving the rallies. This is attributed to major announcements that the largest crypto exchange in the world has made with regard to the altcoin. Binance Introduces New LUNC Pair And Burns Tokens Binance […]

Terraform Labs Asks Court To Compel Citadel To Provide Data Relating To UST Depeg |

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In a bid to defend itself against the “complex cryptocurrency action” brought against it by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Terraform Labs has once again filed a motion against Citadel Securities, asking the court to compel the market maker to provide certain documents.  Citadel May Have Caused UST Depeg In the court filing […]