Japan Embraces Crypto: Investment Funds Given Green Light To Hold Digital Assets | Bitcoinist.com

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According to a Bloomberg report, Japan is progressing towards enabling venture capital firms and other investment funds to hold crypto assets directly. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s administration has agreed to submit a revised bill to implement this change, marking a significant development in the country’s approach to cryptocurrencies. Prime Minister Kishida Backs Crypto Integration Per […]

Japan’s Regulatory Shift: Start-Ups Granted Permission To Raise Funds With Crypto Instead Of Stocks | Bitcoinist.com

Crypto, Crypto regulation, Cryptocurrency, DeFi, Japan crypto, Japan Crypto Tax

In a significant development for the crypto industry, the Japanese government has recently announced a noteworthy relaxation of regulations about startup funding. This development explicitly allows startups to accept digital assets as an alternative to traditional stocks. According to a Japanese media outlet report, this regulatory shift aims to foster a more supportive and inclusive […]