Act Now! 6,000 Solana Wallet Drainers Lurk – Secure Your Crypto Today

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As the price of Solana (SOL) has escalated in recent months, Solana wallet drainer activity has increased, making SOL and Solana-based memecoin holders more lucrative phishing targets. This week, the blockchain security platforms Blockaid and CertiK brought attention to the growing risks that Solana ecosystems are facing at the hands of advanced malware kits known […]

Hackers Now Exploit New Feature To Bypass Security Alerts – Report

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In a concerning trend, hackers, specifically wallet drainers, have begun to leverage the CREATE2 opcode on the Ethereum network to sidestep security measures in select wallets. This development was revealed on Sunday via an X post by blockchain security company Scam Sniffer.  Over $60 Million Lost To Hackers Via CREATE2 Exploit, Report Says The CREATE2 […]