Wall Street Gobbles Up Bitcoin Nearly 13 Times Faster Than It’s Made

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Wall Street is on a Bitcoin buying spree, acquiring the digital asset at a staggering rate 12.5 times greater than its daily production, according to industry expert Anthony Pompliano. This relentless accumulation hints at big money’s growing conviction in the cypto’s future, fueled by the approaching “halving” event and the recent green light for ETFs. […]

Wall Street Veteran Says Ripple IPO Is Coming, Here’s When

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A Wall Street financial specialist has made a compelling case for Ripple’s IPO, predicting that the crypto payments provider would launch its IPO in the coming year.  Ripple IPO Imminent Bestselling author and Wall Street investment expert, Linda P. Jones, recently made an appearance as a speaker at Linqto, a leading global financial investment platform.  […]