2024 US Elections Ignite Crypto Generosity: Industry Donations Reach New Heights

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The digital currency kitchen now smells like political curry, which is very different from the smell that used to be all about code. As regulatory scrutiny builds in Washington, the business is changing how it does things by using PACs and lobbying dollars like secret ingredients for the upcoming US elections. What is the goal? […]

Ripple And Coinbase Power Play: $78M Into 2024 Election Influence | Bitcoinist.com

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In a striking display of financial muscle, cryptocurrency companies, such as Ripple and Coinbase, and investors have collectively contributed $78 million to super Political Action Committees (PACs) focused on shaping the 2024 US elections. This substantial sum underscores the crypto industry’s intensified efforts to sway political tides favoring digital asset-friendly policies. Ripple And Others Rally […]