Ethereum LSTs, LRTs, And Stablecoins: Decoding The Effects Of ‘Magic Money’ On Bitcoin And Crypto |

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A crypto analyst has provided insights into how the structure of the Ethereum ecosystem could bring Bitcoin and the broader crypto market down. His analysis focused on Ethereum’s liquid-staked tokens (LSTs), liquid-restaked tokens (LRTs) and stablecoins backed by these tokens and how they could lead to the next “bubble” burst.  Magic Money That Could Lead […]

Binance Lists Small Cap ‘Euro-Pegged’ AEUR, But It All Ends In Disaster |

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Binance has found itself at the center of controversy once more after a stablecoin listing of the AEUR went terribly wrong. The listing of the Anchored Coins EUR (AEUR) has ended with what can only be described as a disaster that has left the exchange’s users with ample losses. The Binance AEUR Saga On Monday, […]

Tether Partnership Gone Wrong? Britannia Bank Hit With Lawsuit Over $1B Deposit |

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Tether (USDT), the largest stablecoin issuer in the world, is finding its banking partner, Britannia Financial, at the center of a legal battle. Arbitral International, a British Virgin Islands corporation, is suing Britannia over a $1 billion Tether deposit.  Tether’s Banking Choice Backfires According to a recent Financial Times report and court filings in the […]

Ripple IPO Rumors Persist As Another Crypto Giant Plans To Go Public |

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Rumors suggesting that Ripple may be considering an initial public offering (IPO) have recently caught the interest of the crypto community. However, it appears that another crypto giant may have set its sights on a public debut in 2024.  Circle IPO Report Takes Centre Stage While speculations of Ripple’s IPO lose a bit of momentum, […]