Over $4 Million Stolen From Solana Wallets In Sophisticated Phishing Attacks – Report

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In a recent report, blockchain security platform Scam Sniffer has revealed that there is a new wave of sophisticated phishing attacks in the Solana ecosystem. The report stated that these Solana wallet drainers have now stolen over $4 million in user assets from 4,000 victims in the last 30 days. Scam Sniffer Raises Alerts Over […]

Bitfinex Suffers Minor Security Incident Following Customer Support Hack

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Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex experienced a minor security incident earlier this week through a phishing attack on one of its customer support representatives.  Although the issue has now been resolved, such attacks only underline the constant attacks of bad actors on major key crypto infrastructures such as trading exchanges. User Data Remains Intact And Safe, Bitfinex […]