Prisma Finance Hacker Continues On-Chain Tirade Following $11 Million Heist |

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On Thursday, March 28, a hack occurred on Prisma Finance, a decentralized lending protocol on the Ethereum network. The exploiter carted away about 3,257.7 ETH (equivalent to $11.6 million) via a flash loan attack on the protocol. On Friday, March 29, the Prisma Finance hacker transferred some of the proceeds from the theft to crypto […]

Major Exploit Sees $6 Million In XRP Lost

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Philippines-based crypto exchange is rumored to be the latest victim of an exploit that has potentially led to the loss of 12.2 million XRP ($6 million) for the firm. However, a part of these funds seem to have already been recovered.  Evidence Of The Alleged Exploit According to a report by The Block, the […]

Stars Arena To Re-Open “Soon” Following $2.9 Million Exploit – Details

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Avalanche-based social media dApp, Stars Arena has announced plans to soon re-open its contract following an exploit on October 7 that drained about $2.9 million of users’ assets.  This represents the second time this week that Stars Arena’s vulnerabilities have been exploited after a hacker made away with $2,000 on October 5. Stars Arena Secures […]