Ethereum Staking Provider Dumps Geth For Besu As Client Decentralization Race Heats Up

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In a move towards a more diversified Ethereum execution client ecosystem, AllNodes, a staking provider, has announced its complete transition from Geth to Besu. With this shift, AllNodes has eliminated the use of Geth across its entire network of 23,895 nodes, marking a milestone in the ongoing efforts to reduce the current centralization around Geth, a majority […]

Ethereum Exodus: Validators Jump Ship – What’s Driving The Mass Departure?

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Ethereum’s staking pool dynamics have undergone a significant transformation amidst the buzz surrounding Binance and CZ’s legal challenges and the heightened regulatory scrutiny on centralized exchanges. Over the past few weeks, there has been a discernible shift in the dynamics of the Ethereum staking pool that indicates a significant slowdown in the rate of validator […]