Decoded: Why Everyone’s Suddenly Googling ‘Bitcoin Halving’

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The digital gold rush is back on. With the next Bitcoin halving event just around the corner, excitement in the cryptocurrency world has reached a fever pitch. Google Trends data reveals a record-breaking surge in global searches for “Bitcoin halving,” with scores hitting an unprecedented 45 and analysts predicting a potential climb to a perfect […]

Australian Watchgod After Crypto Firms For $104M Collapse

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According to local reports, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has started legal procedures against two crypto companies and their directors for operating unlicensed in the country. Allegedly, the companies participated in an elaborate scheme that resulted in the loss of AU$ 160 million, worth $104 million, from investors. ASIC After Unlicensed Mining Companies […]

From Bytes To Bites: Iceland Prioritizes Food Over Crypto Mining

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Iceland, the volcanic island nation famed for its stunning landscapes and clean energy production, is embarking on a new chapter. In a move that highlights a growing global trend, The country is shifting its focus from supporting the cryptocurrency mining industry towards bolstering domestic food production. Iceland Pivots: From Crypto To Crops This strategic decision, […]

Blockchain Revolution In China: NPC Pushes For Rapid Development, Leaving Crypto In The Dust

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Blockchain technology emerged in the spotlight at the “Two Sessions” event, a prominent annual gathering of China’s political and industry leaders in Beijing. At this event, National People’s Congress (NPC) member Dong Jin proposed expediting this technology’s development nationwide. Blockchain’s Role In China’s Digital Ambition The call to action emphasizes enhancing China’s blockchain infrastructure to […]

Bitcoin Mining Mandatory Survey Halted By US Judge

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Since the crypto mining ban in China in 2021, the US has become one of the largest mining hubs for Bitcoin miners. However, regulatory agencies have tightened their measures to increase their oversight over the industry. Last month, one of the US Government agencies issued an emergency approval for the “EIA-862, Cryptocurrency Mining Facilities Report.” […]

Crypto Classrooms: US Authorities Charge School Staff In Illegal Campus Mining Scandal

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Two high-ranking officials from the Patterson Joint Unified School District in New Jersey face charges for allegedly operating a crypto mining farm on school premises, according to the US Department of Justice. Abuse Of Power, Public Resources Assistant Superintendent Jeffrey Menge and IT Director Eric Drabert are accused of utilizing school property and electricity to […]

US Government Eyes Energy Data Disclosure: Bitcoin Miners On Notice

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The United States Department of Energy recently announced it will collect energy use data from crypto miners next week. Crypto Miners Required To Give Their Energy Use Details On January 31, The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced the initiation of a provisional survey to collect electricity consumption data from identified crypto-mining companies operating in […]

Tether Drops $500M Bombshell On Bitcoin Mining Expansion

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Stablecoin issuer Tether is making a significant push into Bitcoin mining with the goal of dominating this highly-stacked market. The company, according to newly appointed CEO Paolo Ardoino, is looking to pour out $500 million over the next six months. Building new mining facilities and acquiring stock in already-existing mining companies are two aspects of this audacious […]

Bitcoin Boom: Miners Reap Rewards As Halving Nears In The Cryptoverse

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As the year draws to a close, enthusiastic cryptocurrency fans and hardworking Bitcoin miners are celebrating a profitable boom all across the world. The daily profits for people who practice crypto mining have risen to previously unheard-of heights, making the activity an even more seductive and profitable endeavor than it was before—akin to unearthing digital […]