Crypto Expert Says Dogecoin Has Too Much Firepower, Here’s Why |

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Dogecoin is already shaping up to be a good meme coin play in the next bull market after rallying 100% in one week. Given this performance, there has been a lot of bullishness surrounding the meme coin with expectations of higher prices. One of those who expect the meme coin to do well during this […]

Crypto Expert Gives Reasons Why Dogecoin Is Better Off Without A DOGE ETF |

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In a recent analysis, a pseudonymous crypto expert who goes by @itsALLrisky on X (formerly Twitter) presented a compelling case for Dogecoin’s sovereignty, asserting that the popular meme coin may thrive without the need for a Dogecoin ETF.  Why Dogecoin Does Not Need An ETF The popular Dogecoin enthusiast recently took to X (formerly Twitter) […]

Crypto Expert Says XRP Price Is Being Purposely Suppressed, Gives Reasons Why |

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The discussion on whether or not XRP’s price is being purposely suppressed has been rekindled. In line with this, a crypto expert has given his opinion as he stated reasons why this allegation may be true. In a post shared on his X (formerly Twitter) platform, pro-XRP crypto YouTuber Jerry Hall stated that he believes […]